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Image from Kafal Pakyo

Kafal Pakyo

Nepal | Sep 2014 | 16:25
Director: Niranjan Raj Bhetwal
Sushmadevi directs her sons to take their cow for fertilization. As the boys bring back the cow they are faced with a new realization.

Mr. Danby's Son

United States | Jun 2009 | 34:22
Director: Robert Miller
A deep dark secret is revealed as the son of a murdered man plans his funeral with the church pastor.

Coleccionista de Herridas

United States | Mar 2011 | 14:00
Director: Pedro G. Colón
A lonely woman remembering her wounds and struggles in life , questioning if there is a better way to live without heavy weight on her shoulders and c...

No! Not the Chicken!!!

United States | Nov 2010 | 2:32
Director: John Wardlaw
A nerd phones Hell and pesters Satan.

El Hijo del Taxidermista

Spain | Apr 2013 | 19:00
Director: Enrique Villalonga
After a long absence, the taxidermist's son returns to his family. The father, a person unstable and obsessed with God, recalls the tragic events that...
Image from Le Voeu

Le Voeu

France | Dec 2012 | 24:24
Director: Qiaowei Ji
Mrs Jiang, an old Chinese lady living in the Parisian suburbs, is tired of her daily routine. One day, she finds an envelope full of money in a jacket...
Image from Vasa Vasa

Vasa Vasa

Italy | Mar 2017 | 12:00
Director: Roberta Trovato
In the town of Modica, in Sicily, the Easter celebrations unfold from the perspective of the Madonna who was a helpless bystander at her Son’s Passion...
Image from Granica


Austria | Jul 2009 | 5:10
Director: Eni Brandner
The territory near the temporary border of the Republic of Serbian Krajina is desolate, broken down and almost completely abandoned. Twelve years afte...


Puerto Rico | Sep 2012 | 15:00
Director: Joshua J. Rivera
A family man is always in a hurry for everything until one day life crash with him.


Canada | Jan 2013 | 9:00
Director: Daniel Foreman
Richard Sanitarium is a U.S. Senator who believes in the traditional family and is using his opposition to gay marriage in his run for the presidency....
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