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Image from Marie et Les Gargouilles

Marie et Les Gargouilles

France | Oct 2013 | 29:55
Director: Nicolas Trame
The Virgin Mary appeared to numerous people around the world. She appeared to young children like in La Salette (France) in 1873, in Fatima (Portugal)...
Image from A Gaveta

A Gaveta

Brazil | Apr 2017 | 16:21
Director: Adriano Gomez
Ricardo é um jovem da periferia em busca de sonhos, que vê a vida tomando um rumo inesperado até ser corrompido pela promessa de luxo e dinheiro fácil...
Image from Glaube Im Krieg

Glaube Im Krieg

Germany | Jan 2012 | 29:00
Director: David Brych
About 2 of 3 german soldiers who worked in Afghanistan are christians, but how can a soldier believe in god? What happens to them after the war and wh...
Image from I Gode Og Onde Dager

I Gode Og Onde Dager

Norway | Jun 2011 | 14:48
Director: Christopher Fischer
A man is unhappily married and decides to kill his wife. He does so, only to find her alive and well every time he returns to their apartment.
Image from Hoblio - The Path to Freedom

Hoblio - The Path to Freedom

Italy | Nov 2013 | 7:18
Director: Piero Tonin
A pilgrim carrying a heavy burden travels through a dark forest to a radiant valley. Along the way, he encounters four mysterious characters on his se...
Image from Communication


New Zealand | Jan 2010 | 19:06
Director: Christopher Banks
An Orthodox Jewish student unexpectedly inherits the estate of his estranged mentor, and discovers a painful truth about their final days together.
Image from Love Bombing

Love Bombing

United Kingdom | Sep 2008 | 6:35
Director: Philip Lepherd
Four friends discuss cult-recruitment techniques over dinner. Three of them know an awful lot about the subject.
Image from Nadzvis Khis Istoria

Nadzvis Khis Istoria

Georgia | Nov 2009 | 5:00
Director: Giorgi Tskhvediani
A fir-tree becomes a necessary item for Christmas day.

The Lost Town of Świteź

Poland | Dec 2010 | 20:00
Director: Kamil Polak
19th century – age of romanticism. An accidental traveler discovers the secret of a ghostly town at the bottom of a forgotten lake.
Image from Albert de Serie

Albert de Serie

Netherlands | Feb 2012 | 9:10
Director: Anne-Roos Radings
Albert lijkt uit de jaren '30 te komen met zijn opmerkelijke kleding en mustache. Hij deelt graag met de kijker zijn uitgesproken visie over wat hij v...
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