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Image from Emmeline


United Kingdom | Nov 2012 | 7:00
Director: Daniela Pasquini
Emmeline was a peculiar girl. She didn't fit in a crowd, she didn't fit through doorways and she didn't fit in bed.
Image from He Can Delve in Hearts

He Can Delve in Hearts

United Kingdom | Feb 2012 | 6:54
Director: João Paulo Simões
A Reporter gets a second chance to investigate the story of group suicides which marked the downfall of her career.
Image from Media and Diversity

Media and Diversity

Bulgaria | Mar 2008 | 2:30
Directors: Vessela Dantcheva, Ivan Bogdanov
Brief and vivid messages on inclusion problems related to race, physical disability, social and economic diversity etc.
Image from Float Downstream

Float Downstream

United Kingdom | May 2013 | 12:03
Director: Brian McNulty
George was once a happy-go-lucky child but is now a depressed teenager. It is his final year in secondary school and he is on the cusp of manhood. Geo...
Image from Kiz Çocuğu

Kiz Çocuğu

Turkey | Jan 2012 | 4:34
Director: Hakan Berber
A little girl dies in a war.

Schipper & Zoon

Netherlands | Mar 2011 | 20:00
Director: Loeske Bult
A father and son live together. Father is 85 and has poor eyesight, but still takes care of his 43 year old son who is mentally challenged. They have ...


United States | May 2009 | 4:37
Director: Kevin Gjetley
A young girl is trapped in a bad relationship with an unreliable man who is just with her for the physical aspect, when her mind goes insane, things a...
Image from El Caballero de la Voz Ronca

El Caballero de la Voz Ronca

Spain | Apr 2010 | 8:29
Director: Juan Manuel Aragón
A woman. A long and melancholy night… Can she bring the mysterious gentleman with the husky voice into the light of day?
Image from Butterfly


United Kingdom | Jan 2008 | 9:30
Director: John Allen
Feel everything. Feel nothing.

At ratzit laasot seret?

Israel | Sep 2007 | 25:25
Director: Gali Weintraub
A complex relationship between the director born disabled, difficulties making a film about 2 dancers : a polio victim and a son of disabled parents
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