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Take Your Non-Vaporous Apparition to Work Day

United States | Apr 2017 | 2:00
Director: Keith Hopkins
An apparition haunts a man as he tries to finish the final tasks of his workday.

Carpe Diem

United Kingdom | May 2009
Director: Tanya Kaczanow
A wake up call to the over loaded right brain of the commuter.
In the bustle of a busy day, words of wisdom are spoken from the mouths of babes.
Image from Novajlija


Montenegro | Jan 2010 | 9:26
Director: Ivan Salatic
By definition, a pause is some kind of time-out, a break between two actions. And, what happens when two workers in some factory (who are often on per...


Ireland | Jan 2012 | 7:09
Director: Dustin Morrow
Two people dance across the grey skies of Dublin.

L'Éducation Sentimentale

Greece | May 2012 | 11:13
Director: Marianne Limnéu
It is two o'clock in the morning. A young woman, who lives with her boyfriend, is watching "Laura" and she is drinking wine. Then, she doesn't go to s...
Image from The Viking Five

The Viking Five

Denmark | Jan 2003 | 9:50
Director: Sven van der Hart
Two rivaling Viking clans try to rob a monk.
Image from Refugium


France | Apr 2013 | 4:51
Director: Rock Brenner
A man reminisce his short love story with Stella.
Image from Polaroid Song

Polaroid Song

France | Jan 2012 | 19:15
Directors: Alphonse Giorgi, Yann Tivrier
In 1991, Lise is 18. Gulf War ends, USSR collapses, Nirvana gives birth in a pool and three girls create the rock band Periodink.
Image from Amnesia


Finland | 2009 | 5:47
Director: Anders Lönnfeldt
A man wakes up with a terrible hangover. He starts to remember what he has done the night before. Suddenly he gets reminded of the evenings biggest mi...
Image from Pins


Australia | May 2011 | 5:30
Directors: Jessica Lawton, Rosalie Difelice
The dregs of a toxic relationship surface to the moment where the only thing left to do is decide whether to walk or hold on.
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