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Image from Hueles a Fudrón

Hueles a Fudrón

Spain | Sep 2010 | 26:04
Director: Jesús Monroy
A group of lifelong friends: Galileo, Chepa, Nora, Furgo and Juli decide to strike at a mall. Unable to do it alone come into contact with the owner o...


Turkey | Mar 2011 | 9:59
Director: Ali Tansu Turhan
Bir ressam, yeni şeyler çizememesini kız arkadaşına bağlar. Ve kız arkadaşından ayrılma kararı alır. Ancan nasıl ayrılacağını ve sonuçlarının ne olaca...

Makina Sanatı

Turkey | Nov 2010 | 1:19
Director: Ali Tansu Turhan
Industrialization destroys art and life.
Image from The Naked Leading the Blind

The Naked Leading the Blind

France | Apr 2012 | 15:10
Director: Wim Vanacker
"... and suddenly everything became clear to him." Words filled with wonder and possibility. There are consequences as a result of such sudden awakeni...
Image from El Hombre de la Bolsa

El Hombre de la Bolsa

Argentina | 2009 | 13:20
Director: Pedro Cristiani
A family is stuck in an elevator after office hours, stalked by a Lovecraftian monster.
Image from Love on the Airwaves

Love on the Airwaves

Australia | Jan 2012 | 5:02
Director: Steven Hindes
A cab driver endures a difficult relationship with his GPS.
Image from YSME


France | Aug 2014 | 25:00
Director: Florian Doidy
There is an area between France and Corsica, where the world is reversed as the retina of the eye, and reality copies itself.
Image from 3 Acts

3 Acts

Macao | Feb 2010 | 10:03
Director: José Chaves
3 Acts is the name of the experiment.

3 is birth.

3 is the beginning, the middle and the end.

3 is you, me, and the world.

3 for me is Mac...

Shattered Past

Belgium | Jul 2011 | 8:12
Director: Boris Sverlow
A man is writing down his memoirs. In the middle of this he suddenly suffers a stroke. This catapults him back into his childhood during the Russian r...
Image from Un Week-end pour Faire un Film

Un Week-end pour Faire un Film

France | Mar 2009 | 10:00
Director: Mickael Muraz
Filmer signifie "enregistrer des vues sur un film cinématographique". Mais filmer signifie aussi "recouvrir d'un film".
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