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Image from Omulu


Brazil | Jan 2010 | 15:00
Director: Rodrigo Reis
A woman. Different realities. Present, past and future. The phone rings: "She's not ready yet!". A dream within a dream. She has to choose which reali...
Image from Accidental Art

Accidental Art

United States | Jan 2010 | 6:00
Director: Peter John Ross
A married woman's affair with a repairman has an unexpected affect on her artwork.
Image from La Révélation

La Révélation

France | Dec 2008 | 10:55
Director: Vincent Diderot
Dans une salle de cinéma, un film est projeté, mettant en scène un commandant de l'espace qui révèle à la Terre sa rencontre avec un peuple d'un autre...
Image from Life Between Interviews

Life Between Interviews

United States | Jan 2009 | 7:51
Director: Russell Whaley
A young Journalist's dream job has finally become a realistic vision. Do the people he meets share his frustrations or epitomize them?
Image from Le Crépuscule

Le Crépuscule

France | Nov 2010 | 11:33
Director: Guillaume Massart
Batman and Spider-Man, James Bond and the cowboys, wait patiently for night vampires.
Image from Reset


United States | Apr 2012 | 10:02
Director: Carla Forte
Ruben, a lower-class visual artist, has decided to abandon his tormented life by taking refuge within his own imagination; creating a world parallel t...
Image from Rurban


Hungary | Aug 2012 | 5:00
Director: Esra Ozban
A woman is living with horns, construction machines, motors cars, rush hours, sirens, and busy streets. On the other side is a village with tiny stree...
Image from O Reino

O Reino

Portugal | Jan 2012 | 15:00
Director: Paulo Castilho
Walking through the lost boundaries of the kingdom, a man finds his greatest enemy.
Image from Overview


Canada | Jan 2011 | 9:00
Director: Richard Martin
Shadowy images through opaque glass-brick obscure familiarity as distant sounds complete a haunting remembrance of a city. As the mystery unfolds, a s...
Image from Son of None

Son of None

Liberia | Sep 2010 | 15:53
Director: Todd Looby
Joshua, A 7 yr-old Liberian war orphan, transcends his dire circumstances with the help of goat.
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