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Image from Diez Minutos

Diez Minutos

Spain | Jan 2004 | 16:00
Director: Alberto Ruiz Rojo
- I can't provide you with that information.
- Why not?
- Because it's unavailable.
Image from Left Lane Closed

Left Lane Closed

United States | Jun 2008 | 7:00
Director: Duane Johnson
Widowed father and gifted son have one last moment with the angel of the mother.
Image from Communication


New Zealand | Jan 2010 | 19:06
Director: Christopher Banks
An Orthodox Jewish student unexpectedly inherits the estate of his estranged mentor, and discovers a painful truth about their final days together.
Image from Anónimos


Spain | Aug 2011 | 8:45
Director: Félix Llorente
Two people look for each other in Venice: a labyrinth of streets, bridges and water canals. They don´t know each other, never met before, and they ign...
Image from El Despido

El Despido

Spain | Jan 2014 | 3:17
Director: Juan Manuel Aragón
A recently fired worker is waiting for his now former colleague in order to have a chat with her. His plans, however, involve more than mere words.


Philippines | Mar 2013 | 20:00
Director: Zig Dulay
On the eve of Makuy’s birthday, he goes home from an exposure trip. After witnessing the squabble of his parents, he left home to search for Carl and ...
Image from Malcolm Ferro - Caza Rept - Capitulo Uno: Una Cita a Ciegas

Malcolm Ferro - Caza Rept - Capitulo Uno: Una Cita a Ciegas

Chile | Sep 2014 | 32:51
Director: Christian Leonardo Talarico Bidegain
Malcolm Ferro, a very special bounty hunter, receives a call from a girl he met in a hairdresser and invites her to take a coffee, but nothing happens...
Image from Blackstory


Wallis and Futuna | Sep 2012 | 30:00
Directors: Christoph Brunner, Stefan Brunner
Lucille plays with Gabriel. Gabriel gets in the way of Fred. Fred has a grudge against Sylvester. Sylvester is sleeping with Lucille. Lucille needs Ma...

Swan Lake

Iran | Feb 2017 | 9:33
Director: Saeed Mayahy
Two swans fall in love in a place called swan lake.
Image from Welk


Germany | Mar 2011 | 21:15
Director: Daniel Vogelmann
For the retired couple Winfried and Lydia, the day begins like any other. Lydia is annoyed with her husband and Winfried takes refuge in nature. While...
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