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Image from Sinfonia Dos Loucos

Sinfonia Dos Loucos

Portugal | Oct 2010 | 10:50
Director: Vasco Mendes
In an uncertain future, a rich and eccentric couple ordered a son who's an android which lives only on music. The city's governor and his wife have a ...
Image from Alien Communications

Alien Communications

United States | Nov 2014 | 9:00
Directors: Kris Theorin, Kurtis Theorin
A teenage girl finds an alien probe in the woods and decides it would be the perfect way to get her friend and secret crush to come and hang out with ...
4 awards


United Kingdom | Jul 2005 | 5:00
Director: Christopher Abbott
A man lives his life to a set routine at work and at home, his wife can't live like this and leaves. Realising what he has lost he chases after her bu...

Ananas Spleen

France | Apr 2013 | 11:06
Director: Guillaume Miquel
Adam was waiting for love, until the day Pina appeared. But Pina... is a pineapple.

Mandala Road

United States | Jun 2011 | 12:00
Director: Tim Zajac
Two old friends meet in a chance late-night reunion in an old diner, leading them to explore old dreams and old feelings.
Image from Suvarotti


India | Nov 2012 | 8:58
Director: Arun Dass
Two teens in Arakonam are in love.
Image from Pismo


Ukraine | Aug 2009 | 10:37
Director: Yana Antonets
A woman is struggling with tremendous losses but manages to find strength to go on.
Image from Вещь


Russia | May 2008 | 7:46
Director: Marita Zakharova
The thing that serves us during its lifespan and is then thrown away might have its own life, wishes and love...
Image from Oscar & Jim

Oscar & Jim

United Kingdom | Apr 2009 | 28:00
Directors: Paul Fenwick, Iain Weatherby
Sex and death. Biscuits and cakes. A romantic comedy about a relationship in a graveyard.
Image from A Tree and a Flower

A Tree and a Flower

United States | Feb 2010 | 5:23
Director: Tomoko Oguchi
The tree was lonely, but one day he found a flower growing on his shoulder.
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