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Südame Kutse

Estonia | Jun 2005 | 10:00
Director: Jaanis Valk
It's been decades since the occupation of the Estonian Republic by the Soviet Union. For more than ten years the country is free again. Nevertheless, ...
Image from Bendito Machine 4 - Fuel the Machines

Bendito Machine 4 - Fuel the Machines

Spain | Mar 2012 | 9:53
Director: Jossie Malis
An improbable hero embarks on a crude journey by land, sea and air -throughout all the attractions of a planet turned into a massive petrochemical par...
Image from Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Turkey | Aug 2010 | 17:16
Director: Mehmet Emrah Erkanı
Atif drives a taxi for a living. And bets on horse races, dogs and hangs around looking for easy money. Mahir who is an old friend of Atif, comes from...
Image from Copenhague


Spain | Jul 2012 | 5:00
Director: Luis María Ferrández
A woman is being interviewed about the events that changed her life ten years ago. One questions remains unanswered.
Image from Pura Realidad

Pura Realidad

Spain | Mar 2015 | 7:00
Director: Levi Star
A tattooed naked guy is surrounded by naked women and a corpse in the room of a luxury hotel. A man with a bowler hat comes in, and he is furious. Can...
Image from Ilyanica


United States | Jan 2015 | 17:25
Director: Scott Cobb
20 years after a traumatic event, two friends meet in an abandoned detention center in Eastern Europe once used by the U.S. to torture people.
Image from L'isola che c'era

L'isola che c'era

Italy | Jul 2014 | 10:12
Director: Alberto Gambato
In 1954, legendary italian neorealist director Renato Dall’Ara shot his first short film, helped by a group of friends and communist Polesia...
Image from Cronache Marxiane

Cronache Marxiane

Switzerland | Sep 2009 | 9:15
Directors: Laura Solari, Stéphane Robert
On an unknown planet the workers are grouped together in polluted factory-cities underneath glass bubbles, whose walls define the boundaries of everyt...
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Image from Onemanshow


Slovakia | Nov 2010 | 20:00
Director: Peter Magat
An artist is trying to raise money for his projects. Discouraged by red-tapism of the government machinery, he understands that he should rely on nobo...
Image from Yan Yana

Yan Yana

Turkey | Oct 2010 | 14:43
Director: Alican Durbaş
In the city of İstanbul where different identities come side by side in everyday life, two brothers come side by side just for one day.
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