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Spain | 2007 | 8:40
Director: Rogelio Sastre
José Manuel is a Chinese imprisoned in the body of a Spaniard
Image from Promise Me

Promise Me

United States | Jul 2015 | 8:02
Director: Kevin Machate
On a dying woman's final day on Earth, her plight is to right the wrongs of her past while attempting to convince her recently reconciled son not to f...

A Vicinity Code

United Kingdom | 2008 | 5:00
Director: Thomas Whitworth
On a bizarre odyssey to discover some of the UK's weirdest village names, a young man stumbles upon a hidden code that probes at the current zeigeist.
Image from Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Herkesin Bir Sansi Olmali

Turkey | Aug 2010 | 17:16
Director: Mehmet Emrah Erkanı
Atif drives a taxi for a living. And bets on horse races, dogs and hangs around looking for easy money. Mahir who is an old friend of Atif, comes from...


Germany | Jan 2009 | 25:00
Director: Paul Negoescu
A family renovate their apartment. The grandma, the mother and the son have different priorities.

Eyes Kept Shut

United States | Nov 2012 | 6:07
Director: Nolan Osmond
A troubled father dismisses an antibiotic for a newly discovered virus. His son becomes sick with the virus and accidentally ingests the antibiotic.
Image from Freedom Deal: The Story of Lucky

Freedom Deal: The Story of Lucky

Cambodia | Feb 2013 | 24:58
Director: Jack Ro
May 4, 1970 – Cambodia. During the 1970 US-Vietnam conflict, a combined US and Army of South Vietnam military operation enters Cambodia to locate and ...
Image from Mata─影像之初


Taiwan | Feb 2017 | 49:00
Director: Li-Ming Cheng
Scottish photographer John Thomson’s trip to Taiwan in 1871 is an important historical event.

Plus Jamais la Guerre

South Africa | Nov 2009 | 3:40
Director: Axel C. Kalonji
This is a son dedicated to all the african countries, scattered by war. Kal'ar addresses his message to all the refugees and tell them to hope that on...
Image from Ruprecht


United States | Apr 2014 | 10:46
Director: Yangzom Brauen
The City of LA is not enforcing the law. Illegal leaf blowers have taken over. One man stands up for justice and finds romance in an unexpected way.
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