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Image from Basaan


Philippines | Nov 2013 | 15:16
Director: Gino Jose
John reluctantly returns to his hometown when his sister, Gibby, drags him back for the annual water festival. When Gibby goes missing, he turns to an...
Image from Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy

Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy

South Africa | Sep 2012 | 15:00
Director: Nadine Hutton
The Killarney Houseboy is an older gay man who was once the (caviar and) toast of the gay rave scene. He takes care of the homes of residents in a hig...
Image from We Are So Happy

We Are So Happy

Belgium | Dec 2008 | 12:45
Director: Wannes Destoop
When the obese, lonely teenage girl Claudine loses the only certainty in her life, she slips away into an emotional crisis.


Philippines | Mar 2013 | 20:00
Director: Zig Dulay
On the eve of Makuy’s birthday, he goes home from an exposure trip. After witnessing the squabble of his parents, he left home to search for Carl and ...
Image from Jan Villa

Jan Villa

India | Aug 2010 | 20:00
Director: Natasha Mendonca
After the monsoon floods of 2005 that submerged Bombay, the filmmaker returns to her city to examine the personal impact of the devastating event. A t...


Sweden | Feb 2007 | 21:00
Director: Magnus Mork
Björn and Hampus move into a flat. They have a strong friendship despite the fact that they are quite different characters. But under the surface some...


Canada | Jan 2016 | 4:40
Director: Kyle Reaume
He would do anything to be touched by his former lover once more.

Bang Bang

Belgium | Jun 2011 | 19:45
Director: Raphaël Le Toux Lungo
Amedea has a lot of thing for be happy. Amedea is rich. Amedea has a brother who are a fashion designer, Giorgio Vivarelli. Amedea loves Giorgio. Gior...

Being Bradford Dillman

United Kingdom | Oct 2011 | 10:20
Director: Emma Burch
Pale-skinned Molly Flowers leads a miserable existence. Her mother drinks all day long and the boys give her a hard time whenever she’s out-of-doors. ...
Image from Dzieci dzwonią

Dzieci dzwonią

Poland | Apr 2014 | 30:00
Director: Andrzej Mankowski
Counselors of the Phone Hotline for Children and Youth 116 111 work in a small apartment in Warsaw. They receive daily more than 400 callings from the...
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