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Pipe Dreams

United States | Dec 2012 | 10:25
Director: Ryan Watson
Three college dropouts are interested in a new drug in town.


Turkey | Jun 2009 | 12:31
Director: Ibrahim Ökmen
Actually why we are hoping something because we are doing something and then we are hoping that our moves shoulf affect positivley to our hopes.
Image from Masculinity


United States | Mar 2009 | 11:26
Director: Mark Cabaroy
Danny attempts to alter his feminine looks. His friend Jason embraces his outward appearance as a drug dealer.
Image from Clint


Germany | Oct 2008 | 4:06
Director: Philipp Scholz
A hero unfortuantely can't stop smoking. There is no happy ending.
Image from Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy

Memoirs of a Killarney Houseboy

South Africa | Sep 2012 | 15:00
Director: Nadine Hutton
The Killarney Houseboy is an older gay man who was once the (caviar and) toast of the gay rave scene. He takes care of the homes of residents in a hig...
Image from A Xinecóloga

A Xinecóloga

Spain | Mar 2008 | 10:00
Director: Alfonso Camarero
A gynaecologist is working in her office at the hospital as everyday. But the next patient.... is a boy!
Image from Un Jeu de l’esprit

Un Jeu de l’esprit

France | Jun 2013 | 13:20
Director: Alexandre André
On a Saturday morning. Frederic, in his forties, is walking on the street. Strange events keep on happening to him. Is it bad luck? Or is it only... m...
Image from Alien Communications

Alien Communications

United States | Nov 2014 | 9:00
Directors: Kris Theorin, Kurtis Theorin
A teenage girl finds an alien probe in the woods and decides it would be the perfect way to get her friend and secret crush to come and hang out with ...
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A Love Story

United States | Feb 2013 | 10:53
Director: Rafael Gutierrez
A bully is kidnapped by an autistic thirty year old and is forced to answer a question no one would ever want to answer. Would you have sex with your ...
Image from Chessmaster Theatre

Chessmaster Theatre

United States | Sep 1994 | 3:30
Director: John Wardlaw
A animated chess game goes awry.
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