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Image from Power Walk

Power Walk

United States | Feb 2014 | 7:26
Director: Rocco Guarino
A woman on a routine walk becomes the center of a spontaneous campaign which quickly turns malicious.
Image from Relationship Card

Relationship Card

United States | May 2009 | 3:46
Director: Peter John Ross
A couple try to work out their emotional credit crisis.
Image from Bugging the Bug

Bugging the Bug

Canada | Dec 2004 | 4:42
Director: Velislav Kazakov
Rumors about Bug, climate changes, secret agents and disasters are sucked away into a Black hole. Only a little child is enjoying the Ladybug.


United States | Mar 2016 | 8:02
Director: Kyle Kenyon
After a long day of job hunting, an oblivious stepfather wants to enjoy a meal with his loving family. Unfortunately, there's one thing he loves even ...
Image from Blind Date

Blind Date

Australia | Mar 2009 | 9:31
Director: Chris Ramos
One bar, one evening - when you’re looking for love, nothing’s allowed to get in the way.
Image from The Terrible Abduction of Sir Montague Perrigan-Smythes Family

The Terrible Abduction of Sir Montague Perrigan-Smythes Family

United Kingdom | Jun 2013 | 1:30
Director: Ria Dastidar
Sir Monty (apple), has a day he never forgets when an evil deranged carrot kidnaps his family for a ransom or else.
Image from Onemanshow


Slovakia | Nov 2010 | 20:00
Director: Peter Magat
An artist is trying to raise money for his projects. Discouraged by red-tapism of the government machinery, he understands that he should rely on nobo...
Image from Nemiga


Lithuania | Mar 2010 | 12:01
Directors: Kristijonas Dirsė, Miglė Balčiauskaitė
Lonely young womman can't sleep and one night she hars strange noise from other side of the wall. She goes to her neigbour, then comes back, tho other...
Image from Die Formel

Die Formel

Switzerland | Jan 2015 | 14:18
Director: Kathrin Frey
Miss Fibel was always an exemplary employee until the day she started responding to all orders with "I would prefer not to".
Image from Печената Тиква

Печената Тиква

Bulgaria | Jun 2010 | 10:03
Director: Iossif Melamed
Dusko works in Sofia, but he is ashamed of his provincial origin. Dusko is trying to be like any citizen. One day he was offered a baked pumpkin - a t...
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