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Image from Xistence


United Kingdom | Mar 2014 | 8:13
Director: Eddie Saint-Jean
Dion Chambers is what could comfortably be described as a 'normal' mother of a young toddler. But she has a problem. But is an existential crisis afte...
Image from Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Brazil | Mar 2010 | 10:00
Director: Thiago Luciano
What happens when a man tired of the routine decides to escape the chaos of the big city? An ordinary man, in an attempt to isolate, faces his greates...

Ke Mi Erevna

Greece | Mar 2009 | 11:00
Director: Nikos Giannikas
In a Greek Orthodox church an exorcism takes place.
Two frauds take advantage of the situation.
Does God exists? Will justice be done?
Search thou ...
Image from To Be Continued...

To Be Continued...

India | Feb 2015 | 12:59
Director: Ashish Rathod
Two friends are caught in a time loop paradox and don't know if it's real or a dream.
Image from Bigmundial


France | Jun 2013 | 2:50
Director: Maurice Huvelin
There is an unlikely ambiance at a stadium during the next Mundial - Red vs Yellow… The grand match of the century.
Image from YSME


France | Aug 2014 | 25:00
Director: Florian Doidy
There is an area between France and Corsica, where the world is reversed as the retina of the eye, and reality copies itself.
Image from Mercy


United Kingdom | Jan 2012 | 30:00
Director: João Paulo Simões
A young woman presents herself as Mercy as she takes a room in the house of a reclusive author named Jude. As it transpires, the room belonged to Jude...
Image from Portre


Turkey | Aug 2011 | 14:59
Director: Ali Tansu Turhan
After the death of his flower, Salvador Dali talks about immortality with man in his imagination. He hears the voice of his dead brother and tries to ...
Image from Fantasmagorie 2008

Fantasmagorie 2008

Serbia | Apr 2008 | 8:30
Director: Rastko Ćirić
Hommage to the Emile Cohl's first cartoon film Fantasmagorie, made in 1908.
Image from A Gaveta

A Gaveta

Brazil | Apr 2017 | 16:21
Director: Adriano Gomez
Ricardo é um jovem da periferia em busca de sonhos, que vê a vida tomando um rumo inesperado até ser corrompido pela promessa de luxo e dinheiro fácil...
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