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Image from Betty B. & the The's

Betty B. & the The's

Germany | Nov 2009 | 13:00
Director: Felix Stienz
Gesasjens sahks Skrevidas, sekendes wries ohmz ehrne Wraaz. Iinsz kenzee Gabrabrwo ken dinzk sotruusk, ma mahk sen tu Trisk ma de abfterbeen... Ohmz s...


Ireland | May 2010 | 3:48
Director: David Lawless
Surrounded by both life and decay, unsure of what is memory and what is reality a man travels through an unfamiliar city struggling to separate though...
Image from Optech 1

Optech 1

United States | Nov 2007 | 2:50
Directors: Emma Sterling, Dan Monceaux
Optech 1 is an abstract screen dance of geometric forms set to an electronic score by Supermarket.
Image from Noroutine


Lithuania | 2007 | 15:00
Director: Jurate Samulionyte
A middle-age office worker, Henrikas, spends his days in endless routine. He is a loner, living in his own secret and colorful world of things. These ...
Image from Please No War

Please No War

Switzerland | Jan 2009 | 2:26
Director: Frederic L'Epee
On a train, a women is replaying obsessionally dramatic pictures she saw and she lived. A drama works in her subconscience. Memories are still alive r...
Image from Pan Pan

Pan Pan

France | Jun 2010 | 32:00
Directors: Benoit Méry, Rémi Pinaud
Romain is in charged of a music festival. He has to make sure everything goes right, but problems are everywhere... and he doesn't really seem to care...
Image from The Necessities of Life

The Necessities of Life

United States | Jan 2010 | 5:02
Director: Gerald Guthrie
Image from Look Away

Look Away

United States | Jan 2012 | 9:54
Director: Charles Little
An abused girl is imprisoned in her own home.

Life Model

United States | Oct 2010 | 5:45
Director: Lori Petchers
A 75-year-old nude figure model learns to love her body through the art she inspires.

Човек Који Је Продао Планету

Serbia | Jan 2011 | 14:00
Director: Nikola Budanović
Beyond the dreams, only tragic.
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