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India | Jan 2014 | 9:53
Director: Krunal Palande
Siddharth has a package to deliver but he can’t find the address, however in his quest he discovers something about himself.
Image from The Locket

The Locket

United States | Sep 2011 | 16:30
Director: Sunny Tripathy
A divorced husband and wife find themselves rekindling their love amid a catastrophic terrorist attack.

Dead Love

Sweden | Dec 2012 | 23:15
Director: Fredrik Lindau
An ordinary evening on the city's local bath and spa. Everyone has stopped working for the day and the caretaker begins his evening shift. Many things...
Image from Απευθείας Μετάδοση

Απευθείας Μετάδοση

Greece | Apr 2009 | 11:35
Director: Elias Malassidis
The latest purchase of a 30-year-old bachelor is a new electrical device that informs him about what’s happening in the world. He’s not the only one: ...

Nice to Meet You

Denmark | Apr 2006 | 50:00
Director: Fenar Ahmad
For over a year Fenar Ahmad followed the lives of 600 Iraqis, all which have been refused asylum in Denmark. Some of them have lived in Danish refugee...
Image from Tea-Break


United Kingdom | Nov 2011 | 5:00
Director: Iain Cash
Two work men on a job, take a tea break they will never forget.
Image from Estocolmo


Spain | May 2009 | 9:38
Director: Jesús Manuel Fuentes Cortés
Mila's social success holds on a pair of heels with mark her steps,regressive, when she goes back home & she is returned to the back of her appearance
Image from Nacho Calorro

Nacho Calorro

Spain | Apr 2014 | 19:55
Director: Emilio Sánchez Zaballos
Nacho is a 27 year old guy from Cordoba who has a physical disability of an 80% and has decided to become a professional boxer. However, he has a disa...
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Quisse Wala Quilla

India | Aug 2015 | 25:12
Director: Sujata Chowdhury
Sayan takes on a journey to find an end to the story that his grandfather left unfinished. Sayan’s journey takes him to the magical land of Rajasthan ...
Image from Die Schneider Krankheit

Die Schneider Krankheit

Spain | Oct 2008 | 10:10
Director: Javier Chillon
The fifties, a Soviet space shuttle crashes in West Germany. The only passenger, a cosmonaut chimpanzee, spreads a deadly virus all over the country.
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