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Passing the Test

United States | Aug 2000 | 25:00
Director: Jason Prugar
A college student has to pass a class so he can stay in school. Meanwhile he competes with his rival for the affections a co-ed.


Romania | 2004 | 15:00
Director: Catalin Mitulescu
On his way to the next business meeting, Tudor has a 20 minute break. Enough time to invite a girl to drink a coffee, talk about his daughter and take...

Touching Kids: the Making of a Conservative Kids Show

United States | Jan 2018 | 14:00
Director: Peter John Ross
Two men from conservative backgrounds decided there wasn't children's programming on television that matched their values. So they made a controversia...
Image from Martha und Karl

Martha und Karl

Germany | Oct 2012 | 8:00
Director: Julia Walter
Martha, who delivers the newspaper during her retirement, disposes her newspaper bundles on Karl’s property. The elderly man is of course not quite pl...
Image from De Boule De Boule

De Boule De Boule

Netherlands | Aug 2010 | 18:45
Director: Fedde Hoekstra
It's the middle of winter. At a deserted and snow covered campground in the Dutch countryside, two men are playing the French game pétanque. Hilbert, ...
Image from Attackazoids!


United States | Jan 2008 | 7:07
Director: Brian Lonano
A mysterious woman spends her final hour on the run from massive killer robots.


United Kingdom | Mar 2012 | 5:33
Director: Nathan Cook
A man new to online dating bites off more than he can chew.

Special People

United Kingdom | 2005 | 12:20
Director: Justin Edgar
Special People is an improvised comedy following a neurotic filmmakers latest project - a pretentious film featuring disabled kids climbing a mountain...
Image from Ondřej Vetchý je Přemysl Otakar II.

Ondřej Vetchý je Přemysl Otakar II.

Czech Republic | Nov 2012 | 25:00
Director: Josef Heřmánek
A young independent Czech director (who isn't famous yet) desperately tries to cast a famous Czech actor to a film about a famous Czech king. But the ...
Image from 低科技


Taiwan | Jul 2010 | 3:00
Directors: Chen-chung-yu Wang, Hui-ching Tseng
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