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Image from The Oblique Sector

The Oblique Sector

United States | Apr 2011 | 8:58
Director: Jason Reulet
Natasha met a handsome Mr. Right online. But on the second date the romance takes an unexpected turn. And there's that pesky surprise visitor from ano...

Hip Hip Hooray

United Kingdom | May 2009 | 7:24
Director: Lynsey Miller
The preparations for the surprise birthday party are well underway, led by an enthusiastic Pippa. The only trouble being Pippa's the birthday girl and...


United States | Aug 2013 | 10:57
Director: Jason Prugar
A struggling writer fights with his Muse over his latest work.


Spain | Oct 2010 | 10:00
Directors: Rafa Rojas-Diez, Jose Carlos Gomez
Each word has its meaning, each word has its value, each word has its consequences. Can words be the answer to avoid their own consequences?


Bulgaria | May 2008 | 1:52
Director: Lyubo Yonchev
Birdy is a cute little bird but what's bothering it?


Italy | Feb 2008 | 31:00
Director: Sergio Santilli
Playing cards in a river that grow every day more, "strange" things happen to an old man and a young guy.

The Anti-Social Network

Australia | Oct 2012 | 7:45
Director: Chris Tomkins
Two cops stuck in the dead-end 'Cyber Crimes' unit stumble across a plot to bring down the internet. Can they prevent the Anti-Social Network from des...
Image from Cock-Knockers From Outerspace

Cock-Knockers From Outerspace

Canada | Jul 2009 | 6:33
Directors: Alex Boothby, Eric Myles, Rob Paul
Rubber chickens from another planet answer the pleas for help from our indigenous species. But when they discover the extent of human cruelty, they de...
Image from Love Tricycle

Love Tricycle

Australia | Jul 2003 | 13:58
Director: Andrew Goode
One afternoon in the town of Rimside, three bicycles find themselves in a love triangle.
Image from Besni Prerok

Besni Prerok

Slovenia | Jun 2011 | 19:45
Director: David Sipos
Gregor is an actor, father of six children and missionary. He says he's an extremist, is in conflict with modern art travels across country to preach.
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