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Image from Recto Verso

Recto Verso

Chile | May 2012 | 32:26
Director: Christian Leonardo Talarico Bidegain
A man is hired to kill his own wife. After fighting against indestructibes murderers, Both will front the most difficult true that will change their w...

Os Vivos Tambem Choram

Switzerland | May 2012 | 30:00
Director: Basil Da Cunha
Ze is a dockworker in Lisbon. He watches enviously the ships he will never board. He dreams of leaving his wife and the slum. He has been saving money...
Image from Oh Johny

Oh Johny

Portugal | Jun 2012 | 17:00
Director: Paulo Carneiro
Johny runs at everyday rhythm. In the sky, time goes by at usual speed.
Image from San Felipe

San Felipe

Peru | Aug 2010 | 18:40
Director: Antolín Prieto
A man gets on a bus and becomes another one. That's what Lucho says, while commuting through Lima to meet his girlfriend. He discovers another face of...


United States | Nov 2007 | 9:30
Director: Jef Taylor
An abstraction on romantic love.

Silvio. Here I Am

Italy | Oct 2012 | 15:35
Directors: Mattia Coletti, Carlo Migotto
Silvio is fifty and has big bright eyes. He is submissive, introvert; his inferiority complex drives him away from the crowd; women ("quasi-mystical c...

Sun Valley

United States | Jan 2016 | 7:00
Director: Sasha Gransjean
Privacy is obliterated as a young girl is unable to compromise between creativity, intimacy, and spirituality.
Image from La Madre que los Parió

La Madre que los Parió

Spain | Oct 2008 | 28:28
Director: Inmaculada Jimenez Neira
Questions to complete a torn family photo where a woman´s face is missing. Answers that reveals us a portrait between reality and imagination.
Image from Arsy-Versy


Slovakia | Sep 2009 | 23:23
Director: Miro Remo
A man conqueres the world upside down.
Image from Paramitha


Sri Lanka | Sep 2007 | 5:00
Director: Nalin Attanayake
An old cobbler squats near a bridge. It is not people’s faces that he recognizes; it’s the feet that wear the shoes. He shows great respect and love t...
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