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Image from Der Anruf

Der Anruf

Austria | Nov 2016 | 16:37
Director: Johann Scholz
Control and order are most important to the soldier Andreas, who guards the closed Austrian border. But on this day chaos crosses his paths.
Image from La Herencia

La Herencia

Spain | Oct 2013 | 10:00
Director: Juan De La Cruz
Spain, 1940. A police questioning a man tied to a chair. In the wake of the interrogation, the police found the son of man, and watch it disappear. Th...

The Silent Chaos

Congo, Democratic Republic | Mar 2013 | 45:00
Director: Antonio Spanò
In North Kivu, Democratic Republic Of Congo, after a bloody civil war that lasted for years, Congolese society has lost its identity. However, archaic...


Switzerland | Jan 2016 | 26:42
Directors: Sami Khadraoui, Benoît Monney
Enora, a young human looking alien, crashes on earth in an Italian forest during WWII.
Image from La Terra Sopra di Noi

La Terra Sopra di Noi

Italy | May 2010 | 17:30
Director: Cristian Scardigno
Cisterna di Littoria, January 22nd 1944. To escape the bombing, Francesca flees with her mother and hundreds of other people to shelter in caves locat...
Image from Status Quo

Status Quo

Lebanon | Dec 2016 | 20:11
Director: Marie-Rose Osta
In the midst of a boiling Middle East, while the Lebanese borders are under constant terrorist attacks, a Beiruti couple is battling their midnight an...

The Last Bogatyr

United States | Jul 2009 | 17:00
Director: Sarah R. Lotfi
The most dangerous thing in war is faith.
Image from Questions


Israel | Apr 2009 | 7:34
Director: Guy Ben-Ari
Dan has a few more hours, before going to the front lines of the "Gaza War" also known as operation "Cast Led".
Although surrounded by the relentless...

Les Enfants de la Nuit

France | Aug 2011 | 26:00
Director: Caroline Deruas
Spring 1944. «Some love stories seem self-evident. Perhaps they were unaware of its fatal outcome. In any case, it was inevitable.»

Coming from a f...
Image from Glaube Im Krieg

Glaube Im Krieg

Germany | Jan 2012 | 29:00
Director: David Brych
About 2 of 3 german soldiers who worked in Afghanistan are christians, but how can a soldier believe in god? What happens to them after the war and wh...
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