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United Kingdom | Apr 2011 | 9:13
Director: John Hamlett
Germany 1944. A British Prisoner of War risks his life to escape, but why take the chance when the war may be over by Christmas?

Put It Away

United States | Mar 2011 | 9:00
Director: Shane Harrington
A sailor who takes responsibility for a friendly-fire bombing decides whether or not to re-enlist after 17 years.
Image from The Medic

The Medic

Malta | Mar 2011 | 11:20
Director: Ray Mizzi
A German war veteran recalls an episode during the final days of the German empire, when he encountered a British Medic.
Image from Berf


Turkey | Jan 2010 | 20:00
Director: Erol Mintaş
Sanem lives with her son Ahmet and granddaughter in a small village of Ağrı. One day, Ahmet brings bad news. Sanem falls into an eternal mourning with...
Image from La Herencia

La Herencia

Spain | Oct 2013 | 10:00
Director: Juan De La Cruz
Spain, 1940. A police questioning a man tied to a chair. In the wake of the interrogation, the police found the son of man, and watch it disappear. Th...
Image from The Last Tape

The Last Tape

Germany | May 2017 | 12:21
Directors: Igor Kosenko, Cyprien Clément-Delmas
A young man and a veteran meet for the last time before the war will separate them.
Image from Following Chase

Following Chase

United States | Dec 2011 | 11:13
Director: Greg Koorhan
A young soldier on his first mission must overcome his greatest fear to save his partner and reach their objective.

A Vicinity Code

United Kingdom | 2008 | 5:00
Director: Thomas Whitworth
On a bizarre odyssey to discover some of the UK's weirdest village names, a young man stumbles upon a hidden code that probes at the current zeigeist.
Image from Sombra


Spain | Nov 2010 | 27:00
Director: Juan Caunedo
4 women who fought against the fascist dictatorship in Spain since 1936, talk about how they organized to survive the torture and prison, how they car...


Switzerland | Jan 2016 | 26:42
Directors: Sami Khadraoui, Benoît Monney
Enora, a young human looking alien, crashes on earth in an Italian forest during WWII.
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