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Image from Camera Oscura

Camera Oscura

Italy | Jun 2009 | 19:00
Director: Ermete Ricci
Leon Castaldi is an investigative photographer. His life's dream had been to become an artist but his dreams were shattered when his girlfriend died. ...
Image from Kicking Sand in Your Face

Kicking Sand in Your Face

United States | Feb 2008 | 8:42
Director: Cam McHarg
Sometimes revenge isn't so sweet...


Spain | Jun 2013 | 6:50
Director: Daniel P. Álava
A dummy watches the days go by from his little shop, bored. But with the opening of a new store next to his, his life will change forever.

De Weg Van Alle Vlees

Belgium | Sep 2013 | 26:47
Director: Deben Van Dam
Tibo kampt met een ernstig probleem: verveling. Hij werkt als verpleger op een afdeling palliatieve zorg, en denkt de laatste tijd enkel nog aan geld....

La Valigia

Italy | Apr 2006 | 12:30
Director: Daniele Niola
A suitcase goes of hand in hand in a story that bring us back to a new beginning.
Image from Juju


India | Aug 2012 | 10:53
Director: Sujata Chowdhury
Juju is a character in Bengali folk tales. He is synonymous to fear. The sheer thrill that Juju gets out of scaring people, especially little kids is ...
Image from La Sagrada Solución

La Sagrada Solución

Mexico | Feb 2015 | 4:30
Director: Jose Luis Saturno
A priest conceives an unconventional criminal model to suit his ambitions.

Un sacerdote elabora el plan de negocios de su poco convencional modelo ...
Image from Ambition of Love

Ambition of Love

United States | Apr 2011 | 18:06
Director: Christopher Zatta
An ex-boxer turns bodyguard for the mob. A femme fatale lures him in. They scheme against an aging gangster. An outsider is poised as a threat. As eac...
Image from Push


Canada | Feb 2009
Director: Kevin Hoffman
In a style reminiscent of Chaplin, we follow a couple through one of the most important days of their lives.
Image from Rio de Mulheres

Rio de Mulheres

Brazil | Sep 2009 | 21:49
Directors: Joana Oliveira, Cristina Maure
In a very dry environment, where water is scarce, women live only among children and other women.
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