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Sex, Love & Z-Parts

United States | Oct 2005 | 28:00
Director: Marcus D. Russell
You can fool some of the people, some of the time.
Image from Juju


India | Aug 2012 | 10:53
Director: Sujata Chowdhury
Juju is a character in Bengali folk tales. He is synonymous to fear. The sheer thrill that Juju gets out of scaring people, especially little kids is ...

Veuve Noire

France | Jul 2013 | 5:54
Director: Kendy Ty
A mysterious young girl tries to free herself from her fears and doubts by destroying what she loves the most.
Image from Condemned


United States | Feb 2015 | 13:00
Director: Steven Biver
From San Quentin's death row, convicted murderer Felix Reiss tells the gripping, tragic story of his life and crimes. When the day of his execution ar...
Image from Netherworld


United Kingdom | Dec 2009 | 7:26
Director: Steven King
After an unidentified pandemic disaster and leaving the earth in ruin, a lone survivor is tracking down the infected remains and dispatching them off ...
Image from La Chaîne

La Chaîne

France | Jan 2011 | 13:30
Director: Xavier Cazaux-Zago
One evening, an anonymous young man is kidnapped on his way home by two massive men in black. Chained like a dog in a huge warehouse, where our eyes l...
Image from Board to Death

Board to Death

United Kingdom | Feb 2015 | 16:31
Director: Dammie Akinmola
A vengeful husband suspects his wife of being unfaithful and has no choice but to act due to his pride. He hunts down those who have disrespected his ...


Denmark | Jun 2010 | 4:31
Director: Daniel Sejr Naderi
A film director who wants to control his surroundings finds what he needs in filmmaking.


United States | Jul 2010 | 11:20
Director: Christopher Fernandez
After a workplace affair, Andre has fallen in love with his boss, Lynne. When Lynne recommits herself to her husband Andre is left emotionally distrau...
Image from Corbul


Romania | Mar 2009 | 10:18
Director: Rolly Zsigmond
A man is visited by a Raven late at night.
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