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Image from Ambition of Love

Ambition of Love

United States | Apr 2011 | 18:06
Director: Christopher Zatta
An ex-boxer turns bodyguard for the mob. A femme fatale lures him in. They scheme against an aging gangster. An outsider is poised as a threat. As eac...


Italy | Apr 2012 | 11:17
Director: Orazio Iaci
A night of new moon, a boy named Mark, he finds a world ruled by a being named Noctevus, where selfishness can be fatal.
Image from Paperbox


Poland | Dec 2011 | 9:00
Director: Zbigniew Czapla
In May 2010, after record rainfall, flash flood broke embankments of the Vistula near Wilkow. Catastrophic flooding deprived thousands of people of al...

El Castigo

Spain | Jan 2012 | 3:08
Director: Nelson Fernandes
Lisa, a lonely girl, has been punished by her mother and she confined herself to her bedroom, where she feeds with her own tears her only friend, a pl...
Image from Juju


India | Aug 2012 | 10:53
Director: Sujata Chowdhury
Juju is a character in Bengali folk tales. He is synonymous to fear. The sheer thrill that Juju gets out of scaring people, especially little kids is ...
Image from Yes, You're Alone

Yes, You're Alone

United States | Nov 2008 | 0:30
Director: Diogo Kalil
A character looking for somebody.
Image from Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Germany | May 2010 | 14:30
Director: Anthony Vouardoux
After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha46, the cosmonaut Yuri Lennon is confronted with an extraordinary paradox.

Eight to Five on Cleveland

United States | Feb 2013 | 13:00
Director: Paul Coughlan
Two old friends resolve a debt at a high cost through desperate times in the back streets of New York City.
Image from Magic Kisa

Magic Kisa

France | Dec 2008 | 32:40
Director: Mathieu Saliva
Twin brothers meet again after years of separation. One leaves prison and the other lined up and founded a family. Associated by long years of swindle...
Image from Titre Indéterminé

Titre Indéterminé

Belgium | Jan 2013 | 19:56
Director: Stephane Papet
Three characters are playing in a movie written by an author who doesn’t have any inspiration. As the characters get lost in search of a meaning with ...
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