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Image from Netherworld


United Kingdom | Dec 2009 | 7:26
Director: Steven King
After an unidentified pandemic disaster and leaving the earth in ruin, a lone survivor is tracking down the infected remains and dispatching them off ...
Image from Wake


United States | Aug 2010 | 6:57
Directors: Chiara Armentano, Jason Filmore
Samael and Laurel spend the night together. In the middle of the night she wakes up and decides to leave, not imagining Samael's violent reaction.


Philippines | Mar 2013 | 20:00
Director: Zig Dulay
On the eve of Makuy’s birthday, he goes home from an exposure trip. After witnessing the squabble of his parents, he left home to search for Carl and ...


Australia | Oct 2016 | 9:19
Director: Stephen Anderson
A homeless man drifts from place to place in an attempt to mend a broken relationship.

Pokoj 113

Czech Republic | Apr 2015 | 5:21
Director: Filip Kilián
A man relaxes in a hotel room. His past, however, provides many secrets which finally rise to the surface.
Image from Frites


United Kingdom | Dec 2007 | 5:00
Director: Jon Garbett
Claude has an unhealthy obsession and when his long-suffering girlfriend finally confronts him about it, events take a decidedly strange turn.
Image from Souterrain


Germany | May 2010 | 10:20
Director: Erwin Haecker
For a thief a burglary will become a matter of conscience, as he discovers, that somebody is up to something worse.
Image from As de trébol, As de corazones

As de trébol, As de corazones

Spain | Aug 2008 | 18:00
Director: Juan Pennisi
An old time hustler tricks a rookie into a deadly trap, but will find himself trapped in his own scheme.


United States | Mar 2013 | 10:25
Director: Guillem Gutierrez Saura
What if one day you recieve a box which can change your life? Jack Austen is a scifi writer who needs some kind of inspiration for his new book and in...

Човек Који Је Продао Планету

Serbia | Jan 2011 | 14:00
Director: Nikola Budanović
Beyond the dreams, only tragic.
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