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Image from He Who Makes a Beast of Himself

He Who Makes a Beast of Himself

United States | Mar 2013 | 3:17
Director: Freddy Medina
A heroin addict is dealing with addiction. The user takes the drug into his body and mind.

Of Birds and Boundaries

United States | Jun 2011 | 23:00
Director: Annie Berman
Marty, a 25-year-old Hasidic man yearning for freedom within his community, escapes into his own fantasies and onto Craigslist. There, he meets Annie,...
Image from La Casetta di Marzapane

La Casetta di Marzapane

Italy | May 2008 | 18:20
Director: Claudio Centimeri
Every minute of the day Nino receives from a constantly switched on TV all sorts of information, all of it unfit for a child his age; news reports, es...
Image from The Scab

The Scab

United States | Jun 2007 | 1:45
Director: Jim Minton
A deformed child works as a sideshow freak.
Image from Superman


Czech Republic | Oct 2012 | 6:50
Director: Lukáš Hrdý
He is strong, handsome, and clever. He is superman. Nobody can compare to him. Yet nobody gives a shit about him... as he doesn't give a shit about an...
Image from Wake Up, Kerouac

Wake Up, Kerouac

United Kingdom | Feb 2017 | 15:20
Director: Richard A. Oppenheimer
Jack and Lynda travel cross-country in search of the ultimate truth.
Image from Phoenix


United States | Jun 2012 | 9:44
Director: Jamie Naqvi
A filmmaker, struggling to make a film, meets a prostitute who becomes his muse. Soon, the personal and professional, the film and his life, his dream...

The Dark Night

Italy | Jan 2012 | 22:00
Director: Daniel Marini
A woman stares at a crack on a door and relives a memory from another life.

Moon Into Blood

United States | Dec 2009 | 9:40
Director: Einar Baldvin
Down on his luck drunkard Morton Daniels is hired by the Sweaty Man to track down murderer Doctor Hauer.
Image from Where's Alan?

Where's Alan?

United Kingdom | Feb 2010 | 14:55
Director: Audrey Aquilina
Three workmates invent a series of unlikely stories to explain the whereabouts of a missing colleague, but the truth is more bizarre than they imagine...
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