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En nattsaga

Sweden | Dec 2005 | 15:00
Director: Maja Lindström
Once upon a time there was a mother who was no longer going to exist. Parents wish they could tell their children that every story has a happy ending....
Image from Hey


Israel | Nov 2008 | 3:49
Director: Guy Ben Shetrit
Sci-Fi Fantasy journey of a little girl with a special pet friend, a huge toad. Once the girl loses her pet, which drifts in the sky in a form of a ba...

Follow the Flow

United States | Sep 2009 | 3:22
Director: William Phillips
As one little drop of rain in the desert ultimately winds up in the ocean, water is the one precious element that binds all people, plants and animals...
Image from Sqele


Czech Republic | Feb 2005 | 3:45
Director: Petr Marek
Author´s short film, Krystof music video, 2005, 3.4 min., 2 mouths realized, 3D animation, Maya.
Image from Danzak


Peru | Jul 2008 | 20:00
Director: Gabriela Yepes
Nina is a 10 year old girl whose life dramatically changes when her father and Scissor Master asks her to fulfill his last wish.
Image from Ivan


Mexico | Jun 2011 | 2:53
Directors: Marcos Villasenor, Carlotta Cardana
When singer Leika Mochan starts preparing a soup, the kitchen comes alive, setting the stage for adventure and romance between a Carrot and her suitor...


Israel | Apr 2010 | 6:00
Director: Gennady Kuchuk
Like every week an elderly Russian immigrant, is coming to the Tel-Aviv boardwalk, to call his only daughter overseas, and like every week he is deter...

Оттенки Серого

Russia | Jan 2014 | 6:18
Director: Alexandra Averyanova
A boy and a girl meet at the Tsarskoselsky railway station, but get separated a few moments later.

Mort ou Fisc

France | Mar 2013 | 18:50
Directors: Jérôme Blanquet, Jérémy Rochigneux
Andre Boulet is a wealthy businessman suffering from a rare hallucinatory disease. One day, he learns that his business is about to undergo a tax audi...
Image from La Copie de Coralie

La Copie de Coralie

France | Apr 2008 | 21:40
Director: Nicolas Engel
Mr. Conform, owner of the photocopy shop “Conform Copy”, lives with the memory of a woman who vanished thirty years ago. Virginie, his assistant, take...
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