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Image from Up in the Attic

Up in the Attic

United States | Sep 2009 | 59:45
Director: Kamal Imani
In the early days of Hip Hop, some teenage young men in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City became very popular. There hangout was in the Attic of...

Senas Kuinas: Blues Veterans of Lithuania

Lithuania | May 2012 | 6:36
Director: Rokas Baniūnas
Blues is an international music which crosses borders, cultures and language. Since its humble beginnings at the turn of the 20th Century, blues music...

Singing Bill O'Reilly

United States | Jun 2012 | 26:40
Director: Carla Granat
One man's lawsuit is another man's oratorio.
Image from Hungerford: Symphony of a London Bridge

Hungerford: Symphony of a London Bridge

United Kingdom | Jan 2009 | 2:58
Director: Alex Barrett
A crisp summer's day in London. Commuters pile on to the Golden Jubilee footbridges which surround the old core of Hungerford Bridge. The day progress...
Image from Be Africa

Be Africa

France | May 2011 | 3:13
Directors: Jean Christophe Saurel, Sophie Deiss
Each mask was designed by them to represent the various activities the Africans people do in order to make a living in France: soccer player, musician...
Image from Initial Prospect

Initial Prospect

United Kingdom | Jun 2008 | 4:15
Director: Ben Barton
Two people go on a journey to Derek Jarman’s famous ‘nuclear’ garden at Dungeness.
Image from Annie and Mummy's Kitchen Natural Tea and Cherry Juice

Annie and Mummy's Kitchen Natural Tea and Cherry Juice

Singapore | Nov 2014 | 3:49
Director: Adeline Yeo
One weekend, Annie sneaked into her mummy's favourite kitchen for a cup of brewed natural tea and squashed cherry juice. She loved her mummy's natural...
Image from About a Band

About a Band

United Kingdom | Oct 2010 | 43:00
Director: Jim Hickey
The Columcille Ceilidh Band uniquely includes musicians with and without learning disabilities.

Christmas Vacation '94

United Kingdom | Jan 2010 | 8:21
Director: Niall Trask
Hell is Other People and a flamboyant incarnation of the Devil.

Rise Up and Sing

United States | Mar 2013 | 16:53
Director: Annie Quick
Singing a song written specifically for them, middle school chorus students of New York’s PS 127 experience all the hard work, excitement, exhaustion,...
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