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Follow the Flow

United States | Sep 2009 | 3:22
Director: William Phillips
As one little drop of rain in the desert ultimately winds up in the ocean, water is the one precious element that binds all people, plants and animals...

Mia Xilini Flogera

Greece | Aug 2015 | 11:15
Director: Panayotis Kravvaris
One afternoon at his house’s front yard, one little boy secretly plays his wooden flute one more time, ignoring his mother’s angry reactions, that wan...

Esta Guitarra Vieja

United States | Apr 2013 | 14:15
Director: Steve Lerner
Marina, a young singer-songwriter left Cuba as a baby with her mother to come to the United States. Her father, a dedicated guitarist who had a career...


Kosovo | Jun 2009 | 10:00
Director: Diar Xani
Bekim regularly goes at Meti’s pharmacy to buy condoms.


Italy | May 2007 | 20:00
Director: Sergio Santilli
Four people, a difficult life, a decision to make
Image from Monster Master

Monster Master

Croatia | Dec 2011 | 5:36
Director: Zvonimir Haramija
The Monster Master lives in an old rock & roll vinyl LP. When the record is played Monster Master comes out through the speakers and takes the listene...

Someday, You'll Remember Today

United States | May 2012 | 11:56
Director: Benjamin Disinger
A couple goes through the end.
Image from Шшшт.. Попей Ми!

Шшшт.. Попей Ми!

Bulgaria | Apr 2013 | 36:15
Directors: Andrey Volkashin, Peter Vulchev
Veska is a naive girl who longs for money and fame. When she leaves home in search for happiness, she meets her mentor - the beautiful but short tempe...
Image from Danzak


Peru | Jul 2008 | 20:00
Director: Gabriela Yepes
Nina is a 10 year old girl whose life dramatically changes when her father and Scissor Master asks her to fulfill his last wish.
Image from Hvordan de Danser

Hvordan de Danser

Denmark | Jan 2008 | 5:40
Director: Jesper Ravn
How They Dance is a documentary about ordinary people who love to dance. The film is a funny and unconventional portrait of these people.
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