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Image from Zacarías 14:12

Zacarías 14:12

Venezuela | Sep 2012 | 16:31
Director: Federico Dib
Four secluded survivors of a terrible pandemic, have to make a choice when they find out apocalypse has begun.
Image from Annie and Mummy's Kitchen Natural Tea and Cherry Juice

Annie and Mummy's Kitchen Natural Tea and Cherry Juice

Singapore | Nov 2014 | 3:49
Director: Adeline Yeo
One weekend, Annie sneaked into her mummy's favourite kitchen for a cup of brewed natural tea and squashed cherry juice. She loved her mummy's natural...
Image from مشيني عالختيارة

مشيني عالختيارة

Kuwait | Sep 2013 | 4:23
Director: Ema Shah
A traditional Kuwaiti girl is seeking life beyond her society, to achieve her ambitions and dreams in the modern area
Image from The King of the World

The King of the World

France | Jul 2012 | 4:13
Director: Morgan Mollard
Since its creation until today, humanity always needed to rally behind a leader. The costume changes, the man wearing it remains the same. Unchallenge...


Russia | Mar 2012 | 15:00
Director: Vera Kokareva
A writer has lost his inspiration and has to do a long way to find it again.

Diego Budicin Tests a Cow for Pregnancy

United States | Aug 2010 | 9:09
Director: John Dargan
Italian guitarist Diego Budicin has a close, personal encounter with a cow.
Image from Invention of Love

Invention of Love

Russia | Aug 2010 | 9:45
Director: Andrey Shushkov
A girl from countryside meets a city guy, they fall in love and go to the city, which is a place full of steam machines, gears and bolts, but no livin...

Whiskey Tears

United States | Mar 2009 | 10:00
Director: Frank Door
In-between the cracks of the San Jose dive bar scene you'll find a ragtag crew of rockabilly twenty-somethings who swill whiskey, cruise around on the...
Image from Dovunque, Adesso

Dovunque, Adesso

Italy | Dec 2008 | 29:00
Director: Simone Goooga Covini
One night in the hotel where “nothing ever happens”.
When sunset comes, may guilt hide behind ostensible innocence?
Image from Árvas


Sweden | Feb 2009 | 3:35
Director: Liselotte Wajstedt
Singer/songwriter Sofia Jannok drives around the frozen Wilderness of Northen Sweden, gathering up her band of musicians along the road.
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