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Image from Yarawit Digis

Yarawit Digis

Ethiopia | Aug 2012 | 10:18
Director: Ezra Wube
All the animals of the world get together for a party. Eventualy the drink runs out. Who would go to get more?
Image from The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge

Canada | 1997 | 7:00
Director: Jean-Claude Batista
A big corporation CEO attempts to increase its employees' productivity but ends up turning the whole company into a gigantic washroom.
Image from Devils, Angels and Dating

Devils, Angels and Dating

United States | Jan 2012 | 8:13
Director: Michael Cawood
Devil wants Cupid's job, but a battle for Death's affections has catastrophic results below the Heavens.
2 awards
Image from La Chaîne

La Chaîne

France | Jan 2011 | 13:30
Director: Xavier Cazaux-Zago
One evening, an anonymous young man is kidnapped on his way home by two massive men in black. Chained like a dog in a huge warehouse, where our eyes l...
Image from The Baba and the Babes

The Baba and the Babes

India | Sep 2010 | 14:19
Director: Kajal Choudhury
The Baba aged more than 50+ years old. Who teach high philosophy and spirituality and religion about India and Indian culture? It’s a Complete satire....


Romania | Oct 2011 | 10:03
Director: Alexandru-Tudor Plapcianu
Five strangers gather to discuss the mysterious presence of penguins in a park, unaware of their plan for world domination.
Image from The Story of David Leonard Sutton

The Story of David Leonard Sutton

Spain | Apr 2010 | 3:55
Director: Alfonso Díaz
Everybody loves David Leonard Sutton. Everybody except me.


Spain | 2007 | 8:40
Director: Rogelio Sastre
José Manuel is a Chinese imprisoned in the body of a Spaniard

El Bache

Cuba | Jan 2009 | 11:16
Director: Juan Caunedo
Three men drinking rum at the corner of his neighbourhood in Habana. They talk about a tip they have in front of them: how to fix it.

Psycho Susie

Canada | Apr 2010 | 5:58
Director: Eric Myles
He past comes back to haunt a self-centered man. But he is just one player caught in this tangled web of intrigue. When the bullets stop flying and th...
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