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Image from Mannippaayaa


India | Oct 2012 | 28:16
Director: Bharanidharan Srirangan
A problem arises between a couple who were lovers once and now the husband asks for the divorce.
Image from Chorabali


India | Feb 2011 | 15:45
Director: Prabal Sahu
A boy, Urdan, loves his best friend Diya in every bit of his life and feels the pain of fear, not to gain the untold love. In the crowd of million wor...
Image from Os Teus Últimos Dias Como Criança

Os Teus Últimos Dias Como Criança

Portugal | Jan 2009 | 1:33
Director: Bruno Carnide
What if your life was a toy?

Dying Symphony

Pakistan | Jul 2009 | 13:39
Director: Muhammad Akmal Khan
The growing talibanisation is threatening the music of Mianwali and hence it's very lifestyle. The choice for the locals is between not playing the mu...
Image from The Silent Note

The Silent Note

Malaysia | Jan 2013 | 7:22
Director: Chathra Weeraman
A boy named Romy was only 10 when he had his first piano lessons under Herr Ludwig. Ludwig, however, realized that Romy has no gift in music. After a ...
Image from FlashBack


South Africa | Feb 2010 | 3:27
Director: Axel C. Kalonji
Our memories are the first enemies. Don't you let them Drag you Down.


Pakistan | Jan 2016 | 25:25
Directors: Syed Saad Farrukh, Hammad Ul Hasan
A delay in the train sparks an unlikely relationship between two people, making them experience all the stages of life in a singular turn of events.

Makina Sanatı

Turkey | Nov 2010 | 1:19
Director: Ali Tansu Turhan
Industrialization destroys art and life.
Image from Thank You for Now

Thank You for Now

India | Aug 2009 | 13:00
Director: Abhimanyu Ray
A boy, a young pianist, is tired of playing at a restaurant that hardly welcomes guests anymore, and is in search of writing that perfect score. A gir...
Image from C.T.R.L


United Kingdom | Nov 2013 | 3:25
Director: Mariana Conde
A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked by a phone App, in a most entertaining way.
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