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Ecce Homo

France | Dec 2011 | 13:09
Director: Jean-Bernard Tate
A man, too oppressed by his everyday life as a supermarket supervisor, flees his workplace and finds himself suddenly in a swimming pool. He will meet...
Image from Save the World

Save the World

United Kingdom | Apr 2007 | 11:57
Director: David Casals-Roma
One day Richard decides to quit everything and focus on a more rewarding task like saving the world, although in a very particular way.
Image from I Lavoratori del Mare

I Lavoratori del Mare

Italy | Mar 2010 | 19:18
Director: Domenico de Ceglia
NATO chemical weapons left after the Second World War in the Adriatic sea. Today the casings of these bombs are consuming. The mustard gas is spreadin...
1 award
Image from At the Formal

At the Formal

Australia | Sep 2010 | 7:44
Director: Andrew Kavanagh
Graduating year 12 students in formal attire, their parents and teachers, mill around the grounds and car park of a hall in the twilight. At first gla...
Image from Agora


Brazil | Dec 2015 | 19:19
Director: Thomas Nascimento
An engaged man arriving from a long trip takes a cab home to find out he's boyfriend is not ready to get married.
Image from La Storia di Una Goccia d'Acqua

La Storia di Una Goccia d'Acqua

Italy | Nov 2011 | 1:25
Director: Simona Irrera
A water drop was born from a leaf and it’s falling down, through the land it
gets to a small river.
Image from True Love

True Love

Germany | Jul 2009 | 10:00
Director: Kotini Junior
Mrs. Jaschke, a lonely and unpresumptuous secretary, is in love. She eventually plucks up courage and approaches the man of her dreams. However, she w...
Image from مدح التربه

مدح التربه

Turkey | Apr 2016 | 17:40
Director: Nahide Bereketoğlu
Kuca and İbn are two people who are depending on each other in order to stay a life. İbn, who is trying to sustain his common sense in spite of the de...
Image from Valencia


Austria | Nov 2008 | 29:35
Director: Michael Rittmannsberger
A young postman. A lonely old woman waiting for her son's letters. A father who is not ready to discover his son's biggest secret...
Image from Cikorja an' Kafe

Cikorja an' Kafe

Slovenia | Oct 2008 | 8:17
Director: Dusan Kastelic
A story about how we're unable to tell people we're close to how much we love them- until it's too late...
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