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Image from Ben Nerdeyim?

Ben Nerdeyim?

Turkey | Jul 2010 | 6:35
Director: Alper Kocatepe
Conflict between dream and reality of a homeless.

Sex, Love & Z-Parts

United States | Oct 2005 | 28:00
Director: Marcus D. Russell
You can fool some of the people, some of the time.
Image from Bastian


Poland | Oct 2013 | 17:41
Director: Szymon Kubka
A man lost his father at the age of 8. All his life he tries to find out what happened to him. He loses his job and quite accidently goes to Poland. A...
Image from Hranice


Czech Republic | Jan 2012 | 16:14
Director: Martin Philipp Raiman
CSSR 1972 – A young couple decides to leave a communist system. Quickly they realize that the regime in their head won't leave just yet.

In Limbo

United Kingdom | Oct 2015 | 26:00
Director: Stuart Wheeldon
When three friends decide to go away for the weekend, none of them counted on encountering the urban myth that is Black Eyed Children. Dreams are inva...

Circuito Interno

Brazil | Apr 2010 | 13:00
Director: Julio Marti
Elias, an illegal Bolivian immigrant, pressed by his colleagues, looks for a way to baptize his nephew.


Germany | Oct 2014 | 8:15
Director: Kyle Heller
A man who has withdrawn from society now lives in a field with a cherished pile of things that he adds to daily - a monument of junk, a shrine of thin...


Turkey | Jan 2011 | 5:46
Director: Bulut Üstündağ
A woman thinks that she is hallucinating a man who is chasing her. She is trying to escape this dreamy situation.
Image from Copy und Paste

Copy und Paste

Germany | Nov 2011 | 12:00
Directors: Georg Gilcher, Renato Spieler
Two small-time crooks, Lenny und Oleg, smell the chance to make a major score and steal a movie script. Whether this plan is enough to start a career ...
Image from Dom w rozach

Dom w rozach

Poland | Sep 2009 | 16:00
Director: Kuba Czekaj
A woman is rejected her own child, avoiding her husband. In her life she has to play a role of mother and wife. One day the stranger showed up at the ...
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