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Image from The Meltdown: An Orgasmic View Towards the End

The Meltdown: An Orgasmic View Towards the End

India | Apr 2012 | 19:53
Director: Aritra Goswami
Avi and Pinaki, two friends, two separate lifestyles, two contrasting characters; rediscovers themselves trapped into same structural violence of the ...
Image from Pedro Tiene 2 Perros

Pedro Tiene 2 Perros

Spain | Jan 2006 | 9:45
Director: Tucker Davila Wood
Every morning, very early, Pablo drives to the beach to meet up with Pedro Almodóvar. Pablo knows that Pedro lives in Madrid, and that Madrid is very ...

All Birds Whistle

Lebanon | Nov 2009 | 13:58
Director: Roy Khalil
The boring life of an elderly couple changes when their neighbor puts his canary bird in their care.

Channel 31

Ireland | Mar 2010 | 10:41
Director: Dermot Tynan
A tale of Cosmo, Emily & their recently-dead brother Felix.
Image from Le Crocodile du Dniepr

Le Crocodile du Dniepr

France | Jan 2010 | 11:00
Director: Nicolas Engel
On a business trip in Kiev, Émilie looks for the street where she lived as a child. An area where an escort of crocodiles is lurking around.
Image from Hip Priest

Hip Priest

United States | Sep 2011 | 27:00
Director: Gregg De Domenico
Known to his flock as 'Priest', a free-spirited priest is a simple man on the surface. He drinks, he smokes, he's puts one foot in front of the other,...
2 awards


United States | Dec 2009 | 12:48
Director: Hannah Barnick
A successful young woman thinks she has it all until an unlikely voice challenges her to risk everything.
Image from Dance Ivan It's Your Day

Dance Ivan It's Your Day

Russia | May 2012 | 2:27
Director: Kirill Kurbatov
A guy reads and dances in the surreal and absurd atmosphere.


Russia | Oct 2011 | 5:37
Director: Pavel Ganin
Little Ilyusha lost his friend, dog Bim: some people killed the dog. Ilyusha waiting from his father some reaction and probably revenge. But father do...

The King Has Fallen

United States | Jul 2013 | 10:44
Directors: Kofi Genfi, Omari O'Neal
A modern day King falls victim to his vices as he struggles to hold onto an fruitless affair.
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