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I Diki

Greece | Dec 2009 | 7:35
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
Man on trial for his behaviour on the planet. He is being adjudicated by a turtle, an olive tree, a mushroom and an amoeba.

A Song of Praise

Netherlands | Feb 2011 | 9:52
Director: Bram Loogman
In a world where order rules and disorder is the welcome guest, four persons dressed in black move elegantly, performing an undefinable ritual.
Image from Moscow


United Kingdom | Feb 2012 | 9:00
Director: Jade Carmen
Moscow, a year old African Grey parrot, a master of mimicry, snitches on her owner’s philandering boyfriend.


Argentina | Mar 2014 | 13:17
Director: Juana Varela
After his wife's death Ernesto finds out something he had never known about her: She was an actress of an independent theatre company.
Image from Mon Amoureux

Mon Amoureux

France | Sep 2011 | 22:40
Director: Daniel Metge
Romain is my sweetheart. We kiss with tongue. We gonna get married and have kids.
We even gonna have sex. But that is forbidden at the center. So, on...
Image from dik


Australia | Jan 2011 | 9:35
Director: Christopher Stollery
A six year old boy brings home a piece of schoolwork that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation, and their own, with disastrous yet ...
9 awards

Black Red Yellow

United States | Jan 2011 | 19:40
Directors: Andrew Abrahamson, Erik Cardona
Opposites attract when blue and white collar criminals, Gary Reed and Jeff Lazinsky, meet for the first time. Thick as thieves, the two must find a wa...

The Dead Man's Face Was My Own

Australia | Oct 2015 | 7:58
Director: Vonne Patiag
A Kafkaesque Film Noir nightmare of mistaken identity.
Image from Immobile


Australia | Jun 2009 | 6:55
Director: Luke Hadley
Yuri enlists the help of strangers in an effort to get his father's prized car to a Motorshow.
Image from Meeting Laura

Meeting Laura

Germany | Jun 2009 | 12:30
Director: Felix Stienz
“... I just looked behind my back and I saw this girl! She was stunning! I swear to God, she was stunning! You can fall in love with her very easily, ...
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