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Image from Cock-Knockers From Outerspace

Cock-Knockers From Outerspace

Canada | Jul 2009 | 6:33
Directors: Alex Boothby, Eric Myles, Rob Paul
Rubber chickens from another planet answer the pleas for help from our indigenous species. But when they discover the extent of human cruelty, they de...


Ireland | 2007
Director: Darren Thornton
Frankie is 15 and preparing for fatherhood he is determined to be the best dad ever, but as his day goes on, he starts to realize how impossible this ...
Image from Most látszom, most nem látszom

Most látszom, most nem látszom

Hungary | 2005 | 29:00
Director: Attila Szász
What would you do if your child became invisible?
Image from Algebra: A Reunion of Broken Parts

Algebra: A Reunion of Broken Parts

Canada | Feb 2013 | 13:30
Director: Jith Paul
A visual artist falls in love with his muse from whom he hides the fact that he is losing his sight.
Image from True Colours

True Colours

United Kingdom | Sep 2006 | 10:38
Director: Barney Elliott
A loving father with a propensity for violence struggles to earn his family's trust.

The Day My Parents Became Cool

United States | Feb 2009 | 16:00
Director: Steve Edmiston
When a one-thousand-year comet crosses the night sky, a brave new world is created where adults instantly adopt every teen trend in attire and body Im...

Ok, Nothing

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 7:07
Director: Michael Modestowicz
Everything is lying there, in his bed, on the hospital dying ward. His friend and companion, Nothing, came to visit. He's talking to the Doctor. He's ...
Image from Room for One More

Room for One More

United States | Jan 2017 | 7:45
Director: Joseph Henson
A young man awakens in a strange skyscraper, unaware of the details surrounding his arrival, and is quickly haunted by sinister apparitions.

Piss Artists

United Kingdom | Jan 2008 | 5:00
Director: Simon Sprackling
A small group of street drinkers offer a refreshing and intoxicating look at the world as seen from the urine stained doorway of life.

In a series ...
Image from The Early Inauguration

The Early Inauguration

United States | Mar 2016 | 14:33
Director: Joseph Alexandre
What happens when a newly elected President of the US takes office? Is he given an orientation, if you will? Is he possibly coerced or influenced to t...
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