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Eyes Kept Shut

United States | Nov 2012 | 6:07
Director: Nolan Osmond
A troubled father dismisses an antibiotic for a newly discovered virus. His son becomes sick with the virus and accidentally ingests the antibiotic.


United Kingdom | Jul 2013 | 7:32
Director: Simon Ball
An act of bullying sends four children on a journey that they'll never forget.
Image from Studio Beyrouth

Studio Beyrouth

Lebanon | Feb 2013 | 14:30
Director: Mokhtar Beyrouth
Toufik, a young photographer and owner of Studio Beirut is threatened when the mayor installs the city's first photobooth next door.
Image from Tuukrid Vihmas

Tuukrid Vihmas

Estonia | Jan 2010 | 23:21
Directors: Olga Pärn, Priit Pärn
The kisses of an everyday diver and a night dentist are always good-bye kisses. He is a diver and he has to dive. She is tired and has to sleep. But t...

Picior de Porc 3lei/kg

Romania | Feb 2011 | 7:00
Directors: Rares Neagu, Stefan Marin
In Bucharest, a poor young man takes the last money he has to go and buy a pig’s foot, the only kind of food he can afford. After getting out of the s...
Image from Собачий Вальс

Собачий Вальс

Ukraine | May 2011 | 15:10
Director: Taras Tkachenko
The World is changing. Two people will resist for as long as they can.
Image from Driver


United Kingdom | Oct 2009 | 9:45
Director: Stephen Fingleton
Nelson is tasked with driving his best friend's estranged wife to her new home. During the tense car journey, he finds his loyalties tested.


United Kingdom | Apr 2015 | 7:10
Director: Sam Mason Bell
A private detective offers his professional services when a husband suspects his wife is having an affair.

U Ime Sina

Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2007 | 25:00
Director: Harun Mehmedinovic
A Bosnian prisoner-of-war escapes death by fleeing to the United States, but years later the officer who spared his life comes knocking on his door.

India - My Garden Smiles!

India | Sep 2016 | 2:58
Director: Chakravarty Devulapalli
A beautiful but fragile rose plant becomes vulnerable to reckless and mindless actions of a disdainful individual. However, it finds a tending gardene...
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