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Image from The Shooting Star Salesman

The Shooting Star Salesman

United States | Aug 2012 | 20:00
Director: Kico Velarde
An embittered, magical salesman attempts to revive his shooting star business in a modern, fast paced society.
Image from Pelvis


Australia | Mar 2011 | 7:15
Director: Anthony Bethell
Aaron, a landscaper, has a dream to make it big as an Elvis impersonator.

The Vaudevillian

United States | 2007 | 17:00
Director: Bryan Nest
A ventriloquist's relationship with his dummy is strained after they lose their job with a traveling vaudeville act. The ventriloquist realizes he is ...
Image from Mother, Mine

Mother, Mine

United Kingdom | Feb 2008 | 16:16
Director: Susan Everett
“Hello Mum. My name’s Alison. I was born on the sixth of June, twenty eight years ago. But you know that already, don’t you?”
Image from Sounds of Life

Sounds of Life

Italy | Jan 2010 | 4:26
Director: Michele Salvezza
Christina loves the sounds of life.
Image from La Casa Brown

La Casa Brown

Spain | Jan 2009 | 11:00
Director: Isaac Berrokal
Una familia de dementes celebra un cumpleaños repleto de sangre y sesos humanos.
Image from Calea Dunarii

Calea Dunarii

Romania | May 2013 | 12:55
Director: Sabin Dorohoi
A 7 year old boy lives with his grandfather in a small Romanian village by the Danube. His parents are working abroad, in Vienna. The boy left at home...
Image from Goodbye Shanghai

Goodbye Shanghai

China | Jun 2010 | 12:00
Director: Adam Christian Clark
After embezzling $14 billion for the US Government, two Western bankers must survive one last night in Shanghai.


United States | Aug 2014 | 22:10
Director: Brandon Freer
Using only a cell phone, a young bride-to-be must find a way to save her fiancé from drowning in a cargo hold of a capsized cruise ship. Stephanie, a ...
Image from Et kjærlighetskapittel

Et kjærlighetskapittel

Norway | Jan 2008 | 9:40
Director: Torfinn Iversen
16 year old Per brings his girlfriend with him for the first time where his grandfather is cutting a friends hair.
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