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Image from En Hemlighet

En Hemlighet

Sweden | Mar 2012 | 8:31
Director: Dennis Petersen
A grieving family says their final goodbyes to their seven year old son at his death bed. As the boy passes away, his little sister sees what nobody e...
Image from Dead Creek

Dead Creek

United States | Jul 2009 | 16:00
Director: Mike Turner
Two sisters lost in the Vermont woods are haunted by ghosts of their past and the evil lurking along the muddy banks of...Dead Creek.
Image from Flashbulb


United Kingdom | Nov 2012 | 10:48
Director: Kieran Gosney
Obsessed with recreating a happy childhood memory, a recluse builds an elaborate machine to regress to the past but dark memories stand in his way.
1 award
Image from Ritterschlag


Germany | May 2003 | 6:30
Director: Sven Martin
A dragon teaches his son the necessary techniques to defend himself against a knight's blows. To give the young dragon some practice, they use the hel...


Russia | Feb 2017 | 7:38
Director: Andrew Ogorodnikov
A person got into the wrong place at wrong time by the will of forces that are beyond the human control, and stacked on the border between two worlds:...

The Forbidden Story

India | Jun 2008 | 9:00
Director: Hiren Dave
A 20 year old boy, for whom his dreams are everything, thinks that these stars whom he uses to see every night from his window are his best friends.

Cup of Destiny 2: Ready to Roll

Canada | May 2012 | 33:15
Director: Shaun Lang
Charles Phillips is thrust into another quest. Not to satisfy his own vanity, but to save the world by reclaiming a vanished precious resource: toilet...

Journals of Erwich

United Kingdom | May 2013 | 13:55
Director: Joseph Aldous
In the mythical world, Yewl, two Wardens from the Kingdom of Erwich venture into the dark and dangerous Elder woods. The relationship between father a...
Image from You Are It

You Are It

Kenya | May 2013 | 5:04
Director: Jakub Zahradnicek
In a site haunted by bad luck where those trying to settle often end up losing all hope, a lonely traveler is sucked into the shell of a failed dream ...
Image from Bulles


France | Feb 2007 | 12:44
Director: Damien Montaron
A little creature is going to find a way to escape and possibly to save his eyes-less fellows.
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