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Image from La Victoria de Úrsula

La Victoria de Úrsula

Spain | Mar 2011 | 15:00
Directors: Julio Martí, Nacho Ruipérez
Una lluviosa noche, Úrsula atraviesa un frondoso bosque. Se detiene ante la verja de un viejo cementerio y rompe las cadenas que le impiden entrar. En...
Image from Amok


Spain | Jun 2009 | 3:33
Directors: Jessica Ruiz, Carla Rendon
He will make drastic and visceral decisions.


United States | Sep 2015 | 15:00
Director: Brian Butler
Strange occurrences on a desolate ranch cause two brothers to fight for their sanity.
Image from Hysteria


United Kingdom | Oct 2010 | 10:39
Director: Sam Hendi
A lonely night in becomes a terrifying event when an unexpected stranger comes looking for help.
Image from The Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter

Philippines | Dec 1997 | 11:00
Director: Joey Agbayani
A talented ghost has just finished a literary masterpiece. Unfortunately, an ambitious vampire, Count Roach, sneaks into his haunted house and steals ...
3 awards


United Kingdom | Aug 2008 | 12:09
Director: Tom Canning
Adam finds a roll of film. Its pictures show him doing awful things. Are they evidence, or fakes? In looking for answers, he begins to doubt the truth

Cup of Destiny 2: Ready to Roll

Canada | May 2012 | 33:15
Director: Shaun Lang
Charles Phillips is thrust into another quest. Not to satisfy his own vanity, but to save the world by reclaiming a vanished precious resource: toilet...
Image from Homeland


United Kingdom | Oct 2010 | 14:45
Director: Herve Gorree-Wery
No one can escape from their destiny, even Mark. Far away from any kind of life's fundamental questions, Mark will experience chaotic moments until he...
Image from Lofty Thirst

Lofty Thirst

United Kingdom | Sep 2012 | 3:01
Director: Febrianto Pudi Utama
In a dry world, water is key for survival. The water source is guarded so dearly by one species of desert-dwellers, who prevents others to benefit fro...


United States | Apr 2009 | 5:27
Director: Josh Bayer
A man comes face to face with his tortured libido while cooking himself dinner.
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