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Image from Roman's Ark

Roman's Ark

Australia | Nov 2010 | 26:00
Director: Seth Larney
Botanist, Roman, survives a nuclear holocaust in his stasis chamber in an underground bunker. Venturing out every five years to test the arid earth's ...
1 award
Image from Camera Oscura

Camera Oscura

Italy | Jun 2009 | 19:00
Director: Ermete Ricci
Leon Castaldi is an investigative photographer. His life's dream had been to become an artist but his dreams were shattered when his girlfriend died. ...

Memory Reloaded

Greece | Jul 2013 | 20:00
Directors: Despina Charalampous, Panos Pappas
In the Dome of World Archives, two young citizens, Nichmon and Lara, oppressed by a rigid bureaucracy, meet by chance and their lives connect forever.
Image from Lost Cargo

Lost Cargo

Netherlands | Feb 2006
Directors: Pieter Engels, Efim Perlis
On his long journey, intergalactic space trucker Eugene occupies himself with mail-ordering various useless gadgets to support his lazy lifestyle. Whe...
Image from The Hunt

The Hunt

Chile | Oct 2013 | 7:54
Director: Margarita Cid Lizondo
Hunters from the Neolithic are chasing a pack of mastodons through the north of Chile. When Tigman returns, the circular trait of time revealed to him

El Último Hombre... Muerto

Spain | 2010 | 9:00
Directors: Luis Vázquez, Juan Miguel Pérez
The scientist Robert Neville, is the one survivor of the human race after the zombie epidemic, because of his vaccine discover. But now he is complete...


United States | Jun 2011 | 20:27
Director: Jack Deflorin
Tommy "Two Eyes" is a comically old fashioned criminal who discovers that moon dust is highly addictive drug (cocainine) with one unfortunate side eff...
Image from Hysteria


United Kingdom | Oct 2010 | 10:39
Director: Sam Hendi
A lonely night in becomes a terrifying event when an unexpected stranger comes looking for help.
Image from Last of You

Last of You

Israel | Nov 2013 | 28:00
Director: Dan Sachar
In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recoll...

The A.R.K. Report

Israel | Jan 2013 | 31:55
Director: Shmuel Hoffman
Young Karmi races to find the sacred Ark of the Covenant before the evil children's army can use it for their own diabolical purposes.
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