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Image from Missing


Germany | Jun 2011 | 2:40
Director: Cristian Wiesenfeld
Vanishing cows and strange lights from the sky brake the silence of a tiny small village.

Мета Аялал

Mongolia | Sep 2010 | 6:40
Director: Munkh Orgil Tumur
Some UFO arrives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. And it goes to the outer world or unfamiliar place. In the end year of 10757 it arrives earth and same plac...

Harry and Bo

Germany | Feb 2008 | 35:00
Director: Slavko Spionjak
Harry ist ein Alkoholiker, Versager und nicht ganz so intelligenter Mann. Aber genau so wie er ist und was ihn ausmacht hat ihn dazu gebracht das zu t...

Sit in Silence

United Kingdom | Apr 2011 | 5:09
Director: Rob Savage
A man waits in a train station ticket-booth for his shift to end whilst around him. London appears to be under attack by an unknown enemy. He attempts...

Memory Reloaded

Greece | Jul 2013 | 20:00
Directors: Despina Charalampous, Panos Pappas
In the Dome of World Archives, two young citizens, Nichmon and Lara, oppressed by a rigid bureaucracy, meet by chance and their lives connect forever.
Image from Camera Oscura

Camera Oscura

Italy | Jun 2009 | 19:00
Director: Ermete Ricci
Leon Castaldi is an investigative photographer. His life's dream had been to become an artist but his dreams were shattered when his girlfriend died. ...
Image from Rosa


Spain | Feb 2011 | 8:36
Director: Jesus Orellana
In the near future, humanity has disappeared, leaving behind a large megalopolis devoid of natural life. From the destruction awakes Rosa, a robot par...

Film for the Boxed

Australia | Dec 2006 | 12:43
Director: Bryn Chainey
Tobias, a miraculous boy born with a TV set for a head, embarks on a quest to invent colour and find his estranged father.

Pod People

United States | Dec 2011 | 6:52
Director: Gary Mazzola
Conway notices a building with no sign and starts to suspect something other worldly is happening to everybody.


Sri Lanka | Dec 2016 | 16:16
Director: Akash Sk
A girl with total recall of her sensory memory is blackmailed into locating another Eidetic in order to save her terminally ill mother until she disco...
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