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I Heart Staten Island

United States | Jul 2012 | 5:00
Director: Jef Taylor
"It was only when he did not get up to take a bow that anyone realised something had gone wrong."
Image from Inside of Me

Inside of Me

United States | Oct 2009 | 12:28
Director: Robert X. Golphin
Told that she can't have children, a woman becomes convinced there's something growing within her.
Image from Ombre


Switzerland | Jan 2008 | 10:00
Director: Alberto Meroni
In the near future, young Gaia’s dreams are shattered by evil people who populate the city. Her grandfather tries to distract her.


Denmark | Dec 2013 | 3:35
Director: Aagje Van Damme
Sometimes you just got to take a step back. That is what Neka needs to learn. Neka is created in an unknown world. He enters the world when he is crea...

Insane Madness

Sweden | Mar 2014 | 17:44
Director: Aksel Dalili
A young couple on a private excavation in a remote cabin find an object that will make them question reality and everything they've ever known. Horror...
Image from Terapia


Spain | Feb 2011 | 17:00
Director: Marc Nadal
Jorge came in a flat running away from something. There he meets a young girl. Neither of them remember how they got there. They together discover tha...
Image from The Undream

The Undream

United Kingdom | Jan 2013 | 17:35
Director: Alexander Thomas
A man is fighting with his UnDreams.


Bulgaria | Sep 2009 | 6:10
Director: Todor Petrov
Somebody kill somebody. On the next they the man see his victim everywhere. He try to forget this but ...
Image from Jet


United States | Oct 2012 | 7:45
Director: Jordan Chesney
Jet is an unfortunate man whose best-laid plans are foiled by a little girl. Caught up in the middle of a disturbing crime, will he be able to save th...
Image from The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse

Canada | Nov 2014 | 7:41
Director: Chad Galloway
For nearly a decade, The Dollhouse stood in a frozen field, lost somewhere in the Canadian Prairies.
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