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Strange Hearts

United States | Apr 2011 | 15:03
Director: Adewale Oluwasanmi
A man covertly investigates his wife and the devastating effects this has on their marriage. Frank comes home to witness his wife, Claire, sobbing to ...
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Belgium | Nov 2013 | 19:20
Director: Miklos Keleti
Hannah is a deaf-mute little girl however she hears a strange noise in a parc one day. Her mother doesn't believe her but Hannah is becoming more and ...

Balloons Go Pop

United States | Oct 2011 | 15:00
Director: Van Ditthavong
A middle-aged loner tries to go about his normal routines. But nothing is ever normal when your definitions of love, lost and lust always blend togeth...
Image from The Ruined Eye

The Ruined Eye

Finland | Jul 2009 | 47:00
Director: Nils-Erik Ekblom
John Remora is dissatisfied with the reality around him. As he sees it, people are mere motifs for the world he's creating. Using his camera he captur...
Image from Engel Braucht Wasser

Engel Braucht Wasser

Switzerland | Aug 2011 | 12:03
Director: Andy Strässle
Must be a bad joke, Anja thinks as she discovers a young woman in a storage locker. Things get even when the woman claims to be an angel.

Happy Birthday

United States | May 2011 | 10:53
Director: James Ward
An Australian woman is terrorized in her Los Angeles apartment.

Red Flag

United States | 2008
Director: Patrick Mansell
Arrogant talk radio host meets his fate.
Image from Sirovo


Croatia | Apr 2008 | 5:10
Director: Davor Vlahov
There are two characters. One follows the other deep in a forest. What's his plan? what it seems.

Red Lili

Poland | Nov 2011 | 9:07
Director: Roza Misztela
Gloomy night, an inconspicuous hotel, a just married young couple and a mysterious gift from Lili Cheung. How the night will end?
Image from Wassermann


Germany | Apr 2013 | 15:00
Director: Mark Auerbach
A woman can no longer keep afloat.
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