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Hard Case

United Kingdom | Apr 2006 | 7:00
Director: Brian Barnes
Who watches the watcher?


France | Jan 2010 | 16:00
Director: Nicolas Simonin
As he tries to help a woman asking for help, an anonymous man finds himself lost on the railways in a strange train station at night in Paris.

Opening Fright

United States | Nov 2010 | 17:00
Director: Alan Del Tufo
At the Ridgefield community theater playhouse, the acting isn't the only thing that's scary.

One Man's Goal

United States | Jun 2010 | 13:10
Director: Russell Whaley
A hardcore soccer fan has fled from England to Los Angeles after committing a murder. He attempts to travel abroad in order to watch the World Cup by ...


France | Jun 2009 | 9:50
Director: Thomas Lewis
Alice is a lonely 15-years-old girl. One night she sits alone in her room, yearning for someone to talk to, but her parents aren't home and all her fr...

Cab 57

United States | Sep 2011 | 17:20
Director: Apo W. Bazidi
Azad is an immigrant cab driver whose mundane life is filled with faces that appear in his rear view mirror in the City of Angels.


Sri Lanka | Dec 2016 | 16:16
Director: Akash Sk
A girl with total recall of her sensory memory is blackmailed into locating another Eidetic in order to save her terminally ill mother until she disco...


Netherlands | Nov 2010 | 9:28
Director: Jan Nanne
A burgular tries to steal a painting from an elderly blind lady, who lives on a farm.
Image from Das Buch des Alchemisten

Das Buch des Alchemisten

Germany | Sep 2008 | 23:30
Director: Michael Wolf
Severin finds a mysterious book in an antiquarian’s store window, a book which he vaguely remembers from his childhood. The owner invites him to exami...
Image from Passages


Belgium | Jan 2009 | 25:00
Director: Johann van Gerwen
After years of her mundane routine as a librarian, one day Emma discovers handwritten notes in the margins of several books. She becomes fascinated by...
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