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Image from Externum


Germany | Jul 2005 | 9:16
Director: Michael Wolf
It is already very late, when Kathrin finally comes home. Suddenly, she hears eerie noises coming from the first floor. Something has happened...

Night of the Rolling Dead

Canada | Oct 2011 | 5:24
Director: Darryl John
A little girl tries to get to grandma's house during a Zombie outbreak.


Ireland | Jun 2010 | 14:30
Director: Ryan O'Connell
A troubled girl's discovery reveals sinister realities.
Image from Fog of War

Fog of War

Poland | Dec 2011 | 18:17
Director: Michal Zolnowski
Near future. Resistance is losing the war against R.E.C's (Rapidly Evolving Creatures). People look to the sky for hope. SatCom 21 AI Satellite could ...
Image from En Las Vegas

En Las Vegas

Mexico | Jan 2012 | 28:12
Director: Antonio Hamet
Un escritor frustrado por no terminar su historia despierta una mañana en medio de la nada, su inconcluso cuento ha sido robado. Sólo hay una carta ce...
Image from O Pintor de Ceos

O Pintor de Ceos

Spain | Dec 2008 | 20:00
Director: Jorge Morais
A sailor loses his family in a night of storm.


United States | Jun 2011 | 20:27
Director: Jack Deflorin
Tommy "Two Eyes" is a comically old fashioned criminal who discovers that moon dust is highly addictive drug (cocainine) with one unfortunate side eff...
Image from The Voice of God

The Voice of God

India | Jan 2011 | 9:35
Director: Bernd Luetzeler
If God would come down to earth and try to earn a living in Bombay, most probably he would very soon become successful as a voice over artiste, lendin...
Image from Welk


Germany | Mar 2011 | 21:15
Director: Daniel Vogelmann
For the retired couple Winfried and Lydia, the day begins like any other. Lydia is annoyed with her husband and Winfried takes refuge in nature. While...

Diego's Crossing

United States | Mar 2009 | 25:25
Director: Roberto Lopez
Leaving Diego murdered in a back alley. Unable to move on Diego's restless soul must find a way to save his pregnant wife from ruthless gangsters.
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