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Slim to None

Canada | May 2011 | 12:00
Director: Warren Scherer
During the aftermath of a viral outbreak in which humans slowly begin to develop feline traits, a young man remains hidden within his basement apartme...
Image from Das Geheime Kino

Das Geheime Kino

Germany | Apr 2007 | 33:30
Director: Michael Wolf
There's a place where all the films are shown that our parents warned us about...
Image from O Pintor de Ceos

O Pintor de Ceos

Spain | Dec 2008 | 20:00
Director: Jorge Morais
A sailor loses his family in a night of storm.
Image from Manden I Skabet

Manden I Skabet

Denmark | Sep 2014 | 20:18
Director: John Tinning
Thorfinn must play a sadistic and dangerous guessing game with his unknown captor.


Greece | Jun 2014 | 13:20
Director: Sotiris Georgantas
Η Αντωνία που έχει μόλις επιστρέψει από μακρά διαμονή στην Αμερική, μαθαίνει από μια φίλη της πως ένας κοινός τους φίλος αυτοκτόνησε. Επισκέπτεται το ...
Image from புதிர்


India | Aug 2016 | 8:15
Director: Sathish Kumar
A boy stays alone in his home for a night and faces some horror experience.
Image from Company Policy

Company Policy

Taiwan | Mar 2010 | 24:12
Director: Mark Daniels
A man, devastated by the invasion and destruction of his homeland, clutches at a glimmer of hope when the invading government offers to lend an ear to...

Opening Fright

United States | Nov 2010 | 17:00
Director: Alan Del Tufo
At the Ridgefield community theater playhouse, the acting isn't the only thing that's scary.


United Kingdom | Oct 2016 | 6:15
Director: Jason Croxall
A young woman is haunted by an all too familiar face.


United Kingdom | Jan 2010 | 7:38
Director: Gavin Williams
When Susan is rescued from choking by shy Fergus she invites him home. She doesn't realise he was there at the right moment because he's stalking her.
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