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Ow What!

New Zealand | Aug 2015 | 15:00
Director: Michael Jonathan
Te Mauri dreams of following in his absent rugby-playing father’s footsteps and finds encouragement from an unusual source.
Image from Divi Dhe Gjahtari

Divi Dhe Gjahtari

Albania | Mar 2008 | 4:52
Director: Artan Maku
When man is guided by evil, he can’t discern the good, the sincerity and the naivity. But he revenges with cynicism and is always destined to suffer h...

Dios por el Cuello

Spain | Mar 2013 | 16:00
Director: José Trigueiros
It’s Sunday, and Pablo, 8 years old, has an invitation to a very special but also forbidden birthday party. It’s Sunday, and for the first time, Pablo...
Image from Naiá E a Lua

Naiá E a Lua

Brazil | Jul 2010 | 13:00
Director: Leandro Tadashi
Young Indian Naiá falls in love with the moon after listening to the tribe’s elder stories on how the stars in the sky came to be.
Image from Light Story

Light Story

Spain | Dec 2009 | 3:44
Director: Marcos García - Ergüín
A lampost meets a fly
Image from Totoner Arekta Golpo

Totoner Arekta Golpo

India | Oct 2012 | 27:53
Director: Indranath Chatterjee
Toton hates going to school, he hates Maths just as he hates his elders pontificating. Having done poorly in a Maths exam, he hides the copy in his se...
Image from 2 Look 4 a View

2 Look 4 a View

Netherlands | Mar 2013 | 21:40
Director: Fedde Hoekstra
Tineke, a smart teenager, and her grandfather Johannes, a grumbler with a heart of gold, are on vacation at a beautiful lakehouse near Drachten. She w...
Image from Schwerelos


Germany | Jan 2010 | 10:50
Director: Oliver Kracht
18th Century: Five children spend the day outside in a mysterious garden. When they try to fly a kite, they discover a tree full of red berries. The o...
Image from Bromance


Netherlands | Aug 2014 | 4:56
Director: Marica Crombach
Two brothers are boasting about their adventures, but only one of them can be the coolest... right?
Image from Volti


Italy | Jan 2013 | 30:00
Director: Antonio De Palo
A child with Down Syndrome sneaks into the small-town theater to witness rehearsals for a show inspired by Marcel Marceau.
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