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Comment j'ai Recontré Mon Père

France | Sep 2009 | 8:00
Director: Maxime Motte
In a small village of the seaside, a six-year-old little boy dreams to meet his "biological" father. This night, small "Jeusus" will fulfill his wish ...
Image from Solo


Spain | Feb 2010 | 18:08
Director: Marc Nadal
Un joven de 17 años con problemas de sociabilidad vive sin apenas contacto con el exterior, encerrado en casa contempla cada día las crueldades anunci...


Italy | May 2010 | 8:04
Director: Francesco Filippi
Giovanni is a kid called Loser Leg due to his soft legs. He is tied everywhere by his bullish classmate. Despite all, he manage to take life with iron...
Image from Week-End


France | 2005 | 9:35
Director: Vero Cratzborn
A family meets in unusual circumstances. A door-closed drama on appearances, rupture and loneliness.


Belgium | May 2010 | 33:11
Director: Michiel Vaernewijck
A boy and girl meet in the capital city of Belgium. There they fall in love, but in a strange way: they don't speak each other's language, so they dec...
Image from La Pelota de Fútbol

La Pelota de Fútbol

Uruguay | Nov 2009 | 10:56
Director: Laura González
A latin boy, a Moroccan boy and a Spanish girl want to play football together but their parents don't let them to relate to each other.

The Assignment

United States | Jan 2012 | 26:33
Director: Scott Brignac
Brian Crane is a boring kid who is failing his literature class, but due to an eccentric teacher he is pushed to live a story.
Image from Insecto Muerto

Insecto Muerto

Puerto Rico | Apr 2013 | 4:00
Director: Julio Benito Cabrera
Andy, a young university student, is trying to solve the mystery of the big bug that's climbing the wall, having no legs and been dead.
Image from Lami


France | Nov 1013 | 2:00
Director: Christophe Defaye
LA is a little blue musical note. Despite his shyness, he will discover that singing with friends becomes a melody.
1 award
Image from Tiny Katerina

Tiny Katerina

Russia | Jun 2004 | 24:00
Director: Ivan Golovnev
Northwestern Siberia, Russia. Small Khanty girl Katerina observes and understands the outer world. She learns the voices of people, animals and other ...
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