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United States | Jun 2012 | 5:17
Director: Adam Floeck
A boy has difficulties living up to his family's expectations when the burden of his heritage is suddenly thrust upon him.
Image from D.E.A.L.


Netherlands | Dec 2013 | 28:20
Director: Fedde Hoekstra
Tjalling, a 16 year old technician, is reluctant for his first day as an intern at a windfarm. His supervisors are making fun of him but at the end of...
Image from Lobster Club

Lobster Club

United Kingdom | Nov 2009 | 6:17
Director: Milo Waterfield
A travelogue of a sex tourist in a land somewhere beyond the sea
Image from Allons-y ! Alonzo !

Allons-y ! Alonzo !

France | Apr 2009 | 7:52
Director: Camille Moulin-Dupré
A walkway by the sea shore : an old man is reading his newspaper with his white dog near him, when a woman just comes to disturb his reading. He hotfo...
Image from Doroga


Ukraine | Nov 2012 | 21:06
Director: Max Ksjonda
The teenage boy is neglected by his divorced parents. During one dangerous transfer from one parent to the other, he meets a person who seems to embod...
Image from When the Sun Goes Down

When the Sun Goes Down

United States | Dec 2004 | 4:00
Director: Tino Schwanemann
When the sun goes down, the picture of a city changes. As a quintessence, this city represents an entire society and its global appearance.
Image from The Magic of Faith or, Are You for Real, Santa?

The Magic of Faith or, Are You for Real, Santa?

Australia | May 2013 | 18:18
Director: James Josephson
When Santa crashes to earth on Christmas Eve and loses his memory, he meets is a disillusioned young girl who no longer believes in him.
Image from Hitler in Love

Hitler in Love

Spain | Oct 2010 | 6:02
Director: José "Bouman" Martínez
They had the world against them but they were not willing to give up his dream.
Image from The Dossier Case

The Dossier Case

Australia | Feb 2012 | 40:00
Director: Michael O'Halloran
An over-the-hill CIA agent gets in way over his head after a botched mission in Havana threatens to spark a new World War.
Image from Les Horizons Perdus

Les Horizons Perdus

France | Nov 2012 | 14:45
Director: Arnaud Khayadjanian
In Corsica, a young man who is a fisherman like his late father before him wishes to leave and discover new horizons.
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