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Day for Knight

United States | Sep 2012 | 9:36
Director: Jack Tossman
At a retirement home for superheroes, can lifelong arch-enemies learn to get along?
1 award
Image from Durandal


Spain | Sep 2013 | 13:34
Director: Juan Manuel Romero Gárriz
A young couple in a park comes across a mysterious man who claims to be an expert falconer. The encounter will become a test for the young people, as ...
1 award
Image from Avis de Grand Frais

Avis de Grand Frais

France | Dec 2015 | 32:00
Directors: Adrien Dal Bello, Jonas Favre
Charon, a 40 year old man, spends half his life in a tiny fishing hut and the other half on a small trawler. A passionate but poor fisherman, he sails...

Opening Fright

United States | Nov 2010 | 17:00
Director: Alan Del Tufo
At the Ridgefield community theater playhouse, the acting isn't the only thing that's scary.
Image from Fog of War

Fog of War

Poland | Dec 2011 | 18:17
Director: Michal Zolnowski
Near future. Resistance is losing the war against R.E.C's (Rapidly Evolving Creatures). People look to the sky for hope. SatCom 21 AI Satellite could ...

The Negative

Sweden | Mar 2016 | 20:00
Director: Hugo Nygren
A young boy finds a crystal in a garbage can that leads him on a adventure finding the origin of his lost mother.


Italy | Apr 2012 | 11:17
Director: Orazio Iaci
A night of new moon, a boy named Mark, he finds a world ruled by a being named Noctevus, where selfishness can be fatal.
Image from Narenjak


Australia | Jul 2008 | 7:07
Directors: Mansoor Noor, Mark-Alexander Hartwin
Three boys playing with toy guns are confronted with the reality of war when they find a real grenade.

Legenda o Sudu

Czech Republic | Oct 2011 | 17:40
Director: Mikolas Orlicky
A little girl is playing in a park making everyone to fall. A romance of two lovers changes into act full of animals. Old woman in a wedding dress is ...


Russia | Mar 2012 | 15:00
Director: Vera Kokareva
A writer has lost his inspiration and has to do a long way to find it again.
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