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Image from I Voted Today

I Voted Today

United Kingdom | Mar 2009 | 24:20
Director: Ali Alvarez
In Cleveland, Ohio on election day, 2009, behind all the gloss and big productions of the most exciting American election, it was the actions of every...
Image from Sianoze


Iran | Jan 2008 | 32:00
Director: Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami
Jamshid Aminfar, the only Iranian painter who works in street falls in love with a French girl. There is 10 minutes animation in this documentary film...
Image from Yadorigi: A Village in Portraits

Yadorigi: A Village in Portraits

Japan | Apr 2012 | 28:58
Director: Eiji Iwakawa
Through the gentle portrayal of three unexpected, bohemian characters in a small village Japan - a Junk Collector, an Organic Farmer, and a Circus Tra...
Image from Salt


Australia | Feb 2009 | 28:00
Directors: Murray Fredericks, Michael Angus
Award-winning and internationally renowned photographer, Murray Fredericks goes on his annual solo pilgrimage to the heart of Lake Eyre in the remote ...
Image from Hïstorïsk Dokument

Hïstorïsk Dokument

Denmark | Nov 2010 | 7:00
Director: Thomas Pors
An old man tells his story about the big Yeast crisis in Denmark.

The Making of Fire Therapy

United Kingdom | Dec 2012 | 5:59
Director: Perry White
Charmzz The First explains the notions behind his almost complete first EP, 'Fire Therapy' and the creative process involved in making it come alive.

Un Cuento de Amor, Locura y Muerte

Chile | Apr 2015 | 22:15
Director: Mijael Bustos
My uncle is schizophrenic and my grandma suffers from a terminal illness. My grandad, who is unable to take care of both, must decide between them.
Image from London: Fashion City

London: Fashion City

Austria | Jun 2009 | 9:40
Director: Tilman-Otto Wagner
A big variety of street fashion trends and styles from Camden and Soho are being juxtaposed with cultural and scientific settings of different art ins...

Mt. Burlington

United States | Jul 2010 | 5:45
Director: Nic Weinfeld
After serious long board accident, John Hazinga must learn how to walk and talk.
Image from All a Tiny Bronto Tells About

All a Tiny Bronto Tells About

Russia | Feb 2017 | 12:44
Director: Vladimir Morozov
A woman named Vera found a piece of stone used by a tiny brontosaurus that came to Earth for unknown reason. Having stayed in her house for ten years,...
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