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Image from Najlepsze Kąski Na Wagonach

Najlepsze Kąski Na Wagonach

Poland | Jun 2010 | 19:45
Director: Jakub Pączek
You can be anyone once for a while, but you are born to be a train conductor just the once.

O Espírito d'O Pão

Brazil | May 2007 | 13:00
Director: Marcley De Aquino
In the late nineteenth century, the artistic and literary movement Padaria Espiritual fostered the cultural environment of the city of Fortaleza.
Image from Eimai Anthropos

Eimai Anthropos

Greece | Aug 2012 | 3:28
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
A collage of people seem to have nothing in common, in an age where a simple characterization seems enough to describe them.

En Fløjtespiller Fortæller – Om Fem Fjender

Panama | May 2008 | 12:00
Directors: Maiken Enggaard, Lotte Bach
In the small village Moguer in Panama, the original Emberá Indians have lived through many generations. The indians pristine lives and environment are...

Carolina 85

United States | Nov 2013 | 20:34
Director: Paula Damasceno
Carolina 85 is a short documentary that explores the memories and history about a traditional movie theater in the southern city of Greensboro, NC.

A Map with Gaps

United Kingdom | 2006 | 26:00
Director: Alice Nelson
In 1972, the director's father set off for Soviet Russia in Supervan - a souped up Ford Anglia. This is the account of the following 26 strange days, ...


Austria | Apr 2008 | 11:00
Director: Eva Hausberger
Where do you still have the possibility to openly show your emotions and excitement, if not in sports and which sport would be better for this than fo...

Longo Sendeiro de Pedra

Spain | Feb 2007 | 13:00
Director: Pablo Millan
Experimental visuals of stone.
1 award
Image from Granica


Austria | Jul 2009 | 5:10
Director: Eni Brandner
The territory near the temporary border of the Republic of Serbian Krajina is desolate, broken down and almost completely abandoned. Twelve years afte...
Image from Street Art and Reality

Street Art and Reality

United Kingdom | Apr 2011 | 4:00
Director: Shafiur Rahman
Shoreditch's happening street art scene unexpectedly reflects some sad social realities of 21st Century London.
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