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Concrete Sleep

United Kingdom | May 2013 | 11:28
Director: George Haydock
A young aspiring rapper, an elderly lady, a lawyer, a young girl and a homeless man intimately explain their relationships to both cities and dreams.


Estonia | Sep 2011 | 7:30
Director: Erik Norkroos
In the midst of Estonian forests and lakes lives a tippler and prankster named Vello. A long autumn day passes in waiting expectantly for guests to ar...
Image from Apteeker


Estonia | Sep 2007 | 28:00
Director: Jaanis Valk
A woman, close to her sixties, is a chemist in a small community. As opposed to other community members, who drink alcohol at the corner shop or worsh...
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Austria | Jul 2009 | 5:10
Director: Eni Brandner
The territory near the temporary border of the Republic of Serbian Krajina is desolate, broken down and almost completely abandoned. Twelve years afte...
Image from La Alfombra Roja

La Alfombra Roja

Spain | Jan 2013 | 11:45
Directors: Iosu López, Manuel Fernández
158 million people live in Indian slums under very extreme insalubrity. Millions of children play sourronded by rubish, cows, rats and excrements. Gar...
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Chronicle of a Death

India | Oct 2009 | 3:00
Director: Gautam Sen
A pond died on account of negligence and encroachment by people in the name of development, ignoring the utility of sustenance of natural resources.


United States | 2006 | 45:00
Director: Eli Daughdrill
An exploration of my brother and his struggle with schizophrenia.
Image from Togoland - Échos d'Empires

Togoland - Échos d'Empires

France | Jul 2017 | 12:20
Director: Jürgen Ellinghaus
From 1884 to 1914, a small belt of land between the British Gold Coast Colony and French-governed Dahomey was part of the German overseas empire.
Image from Da Ist Nichts!

Da Ist Nichts!

Germany | Jun 2008 | 3:07
Directors: Markus Schaefer, René Schöttler
Nearly no smoke!
Image from Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Who Buried Paul McCartney?

Netherlands | Jun 2005 | 25:07
Director: Wouter van Opdorp
This documentary explores the true story behind the Paul-is-dead mystery of The Beatles.
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