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Ein Sonniger Tag

Germany | 2007 | 6:05
Director: Gil Alkabetz
The Sun rises, as it does every morning, but today it discovers that it is not as welcome as it had hoped to be.

Le Coeur est un Métronome

France | 2007 | 4:30
Director: Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo
A quick-tempered father argues with his son for the last time. The child decides to leave the family home. Dancing is the high point of the exchanges ...
Image from The Diamond Cutter

The Diamond Cutter

Australia | Jul 2003 | 20:00
Directors: Dominique O'Leary, Darren Hughes
A story about fulfillment of desires, media misrepresentation, and a small naked purple guy.
Image from Nature


Romania | Jun 2006 | 4:45
Director: Valentin Partenie
A film about elements.
Image from Yarawit Digis

Yarawit Digis

Ethiopia | Aug 2012 | 10:18
Director: Ezra Wube
All the animals of the world get together for a party. Eventualy the drink runs out. Who would go to get more?


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 6:24
Director: Petr Janák
Sensual concept under the name of the poem by Charles Baudelaire – we believed that the soul is immortal, but its not true…

Lennie Cahill Shoots Through

Australia | 2004 | 52:00
Director: Paul Oliver
Lennie Cahill, an old South Sydney crim dying of cancer, is determined to make amends for a 20-year-old unsolved crime and the loss of the people, pla...

Kaukosaaren Kirous

Finland | 2008 | 17:00
Director: CHRZU
A curse is cast on Sir Void while he's hunting his runaway moustache in the jungle of a tropical island. He switches to another channel and sets out o...


France | 2005 | 12:00
Director: Gilles Cuvelier
In Dunkirk during the carnival, a carnival-goer finds himself alone in the deserted streets. He wanders around for a while before arriving on the beac...

The ChubbChubbs!

United States | 2002 | 6:00
Director: Eric Armstrong
On the planet Glorf, Meeper valiantly tries to warn the patrons of the Ale-E-Inn, an intergalactiv watering hole with its own constellation of stars, ...
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