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Image from 低科技


Taiwan | Jul 2010 | 3:00
Directors: Chen-chung-yu Wang, Hui-ching Tseng
Image from La Competitiva

La Competitiva

Spain | Jun 2009 | 20:00
Directors: Adriana Delfino, Hernán Cieza
Dos peculiares trabajadores de una desvencijada fábrica de "caganers" exprimen al máximo su creatividad con objeto de deslumbrar a la camarera que les...

Buyer's Lament

Canada | Apr 2010 | 6:00
Director: Eric Myles
A man named Joe San Juan buys an ancient artifact at a garage sale which releases the Egyptian god Set to rain chaos on the world. But this god, like ...

The Wooden Birds

United States | Oct 2010 | 2:57
Director: Nick Dulworth
A robot lands on earth.

A Bad Boy

Russia | 2003 | 5:20
Directors: Igor Gelashvili, Oleg Uzhinov
A few days in the life of a bad boy.

Meet Meline

France | Dec 2009 | 6:30
Directors: Virginie Goyons, Sebastien Laban
Meline is a little girl who spends most of her time in her grand-parents barn, drawing. One day, a scared furry little creature gets lost in the barn....


India | Jun 2014 | 6:14
Directors: Bhanu Khandelwal, Varun Nair, Eshana Multani, Kartik Gupta
Inspector Lobo has an encounter with the malicious 'Magarwasi' tribe. On chasing the culprits, he finds himself in a life threatening situation after ...
Image from Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Germany | 2000 | 15:00
Director: Andreas Hykade
Two young cowboys spend their days in the cool shade of a rock, but at night they make their way to the bazaar of sexual desire. Drifting further and ...
Image from Rest


Turkey | Apr 2015 | 3:40
Director: Serdar Koçak
Rest doesn’t want to live in a city. For that reason he is always escaping from cities, but stoneman follows him.


Israel | 2006 | 13:00
Directors: Noam Abta, Yuval Markovich
An animated horror film.
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