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Russia | Jul 2015 | 8:20
Director: Genadzi Buto
A creature settles down in a young man's room and feeds him but at the same time kills him.
Image from Looking For Horses

Looking For Horses

Australia | Feb 2002 | 6:00
Director: Anthony Lawrence
One hot summer holiday two sisters are on a holiday at French Island with their parents. While there is nothing much to do, the girls try to entertain...
Image from Baris'in Oyuncaklari

Baris'in Oyuncaklari

Turkey | Feb 2010 | 5:45
Director: H. Sercan Tunali
Baris saw that every seed his grandfather planted become a flowered tree. After that he believed that anything planted in the soil can grow and be bea...


India | Jan 2012 | 1:36
Director: Kartik Gupta
Mike, a claustrophobic, struggles to keep himself together as he's stuck in an elevator.
Image from Gerald's Last Day

Gerald's Last Day

United States | Jan 2009 | 11:30
Directors: Shel Rasch, Justin Rasch
Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination at 5:00 today by the Dog Pound. Can he seduce an adopter before his time runs out?
Image from Raven's Hollow

Raven's Hollow

United States | Apr 2011 | 10:59
Director: Colin Clarke
Billy, his sister Lisa, and her boyfriend Mike spend Halloween at the drive-in after trick or treating. When Billy threatens to walk home through an d...
Image from Os Pestinhas e o Ladrao de Brinquedos

Os Pestinhas e o Ladrao de Brinquedos

Mozambique | May 2013 | 12:15
Director: Nildo Essa
When one of the "children" of the Brats is stolen by the local bully, it's up to them to retrieve it at all costs, at some point they discover that th...

Global Warming

Australia | 2007 | 1:52
Director: Sheldon Lieberman
I don't believe in global warming, come and sing with me! Ooooooooo!
Image from Democracy Is...

Democracy Is...

United States | Jan 2009 | 1:45
Director: Tino Schwanemann
Is our society really democratic? Can everyone be part of it? Or is the act of being part in democracy dependent to the access on technology, progress...

The Soliloquist

Taiwan | Aug 2008 | 6:05
Director: Ma Kuang Pei
Of all those lonesome days, a heart broken man had received letters and packages stating with the wrong addressee. Unable to return those letters, he ...
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