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Geri's Game

United States | 1998 | 4:59
Director: Jan Pinkava
An ageing codger named Geri plays a day-long game of chess in the park against himself. Somehow, he begins losing to his livelier opponent. But just w...

The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation

United States | 2004 | 28:00
Director: John Canemaker
The Moon and the Son, a 28-minute autobiographical animated film by John Canemaker, explores the difficult emotional terrain of father/son relationshi...

We Have Decided Not to Die

Australia | 2003 | 11:30
Director: Daniel Askill
Three rituals. Three figures. Three modern-day journeys of transcendence.

Drux Flux

Canada | 2008
Director: Theodore Ushev
Modern people are crushed by industry.

The Job

United States | Jan 2007 | 3:11
Director: Jonathan Browning
The immigration debate just got a little funnier.

The ChubbChubbs!

United States | 2002 | 6:00
Director: Eric Armstrong
On the planet Glorf, Meeper valiantly tries to warn the patrons of the Ale-E-Inn, an intergalactiv watering hole with its own constellation of stars, ...
Image from The True Story of Sawney Beane

The True Story of Sawney Beane

United Kingdom | 2005 | 11:00
Director: Elizabeth Hobbs
The fable of Scotland's legendary cannibal, Sawney Beane, is rendered through charcoal and watercolour animation. Spare brush-strokes and erasures of ...

For the Birds

United States | 2001 | 3:24
Director: Ralph Eggleston
One by one, a flock of small birds perches on a telephone wire. Sitting close together has problems enough, and then comes along a large dopey bird th...
Image from A Girl and a Gun

A Girl and a Gun

United Kingdom | Jun 2007 | 17:00
Director: David L. G. Hughes
Welcome to Southend - the Las Vegas of the Third World!
Image from Binta y la Gran Idea

Binta y la Gran Idea

Spain | 2004 | 34:58
Director: Javier Fesser
Binta's father has an idea, but he doesn't know if it is a good idea or not.
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