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Image from Gerald's Last Day

Gerald's Last Day

United States | Jan 2009 | 11:30
Directors: Shel Rasch, Justin Rasch
Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination at 5:00 today by the Dog Pound. Can he seduce an adopter before his time runs out?
Image from Kötelékek


Hungary | 2010 | 4:31
Director: Dénes Ruzsa
To what extent can the bonds of friendship and family help to combat with the various forms of violence?

The Ballad of Mary Slade

United Kingdom | 2006 | 3:00
Director: Robin Fuller
a tale of gothic tragedy told from an unusual point of view. Following the death of a young woman, the events surrounding her death slowly come to lig...


Sweden | Jan 2008 | 26:40
Director: Johannes Nyholm
Artist Johannes Nyholm is obsessed working with a claymation series featuring "Puppetboy". We follow him behind the scenes to se what it is all about.

Lennie Cahill Shoots Through

Australia | 2004 | 52:00
Director: Paul Oliver
Lennie Cahill, an old South Sydney crim dying of cancer, is determined to make amends for a 20-year-old unsolved crime and the loss of the people, pla...
Image from Ichthys


Poland | 2005 | 16:41
Director: Marek Skrobecki
A parable about the persistence of waiting, hope and fulfillment.

Neo Relix Movie Race

United States | Mar 2014 | 1:00
Director: Katarzyna Kochany
An energetic kid explores Big Rocks and stop motion animation with the friendly festival folk at Oakdale Park.


Croatia | Sep 2009 | 8:08
Director: Michaela Müller
On the Mediterranean borders of Europe, tourists relax while immigrants struggle to get a chance for a better life.
Image from Julieta de Bicicleta

Julieta de Bicicleta

Brazil | Feb 2012 | 10:30
Director: Marcos Hinke
Juliet is a methodical girl, who likes everything in its place, meticulously calculated. Her only fear is the unexpected. On her birthday Juliet gets ...
Image from Ward 13

Ward 13

Australia | 2003 | 14:30
Director: Peter Cornwell
What price would you put on your health? Ben is about to find out... WARD 13's newest admission faces medical attention of an unwanted kind — and no a...
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