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Leap Before You Look

United States | Sep 2010 | 21:51
Director: Stephane Goldsand
Faced with his wife's desire to become a mother, a filmmaker goes on a personal quest to find out how people decide to have kids.
Image from Hoblio - The Path to Freedom

Hoblio - The Path to Freedom

Italy | Nov 2013 | 7:18
Director: Piero Tonin
A pilgrim carrying a heavy burden travels through a dark forest to a radiant valley. Along the way, he encounters four mysterious characters on his se...

Little Knowledge is Dangerous

Kenya | Aug 2007 | 17:21
Directors: Samora Michelle, Adede Hawi, Karama Ogova
Zeal without wisdom is folly.
Image from Origami


Spain | Mar 2013 | 5:52
Director: David Pavon
Once upon a time there was a paper boat, who lived in an abandoned toy store, that embarks on the journey of his life.
Image from Fan


United States | Oct 2013 | 0:37
Director: Alex Zajicek
A hot day pushes a guy to his limits.


Iran | May 2013 | 3:50
Director: Alireza Nosrati
A man is collecting coins and piling them up. Coins fall from above and he stacks them like stairs. The stairs go higher and higher and the man climbs...
Image from Abducción. Episodio 1: La Nariz

Abducción. Episodio 1: La Nariz

Spain | 2010 | 4:36
Director: Alejo Levis Sotomayor
Meet the Prosopopos.
Image from Taste


United States | Jan 2010 | 0:37
Director: Yvonne Grzenkowicz
A tasteful dinner becomes something difficult to digest.
1 award

Der Beste

Germany | 2004 | 15:00
Directors: Rasmus Borowski, Arne Jysch
An old man gets an assignment from a mystical woman who lives in a castle out in the countryside. It will be one of his strangest assignments yet... i...

Le Carrousel Atomique

Switzerland | Jun 2011 | 17:54
Director: Xavier Ducry
An old blackboard narrates the story of Little Manfred and his obsession with carousels. Little Man also has a problem - when he is shouted at, he gro...
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