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United States | Jun 2016 | 8:31
Director: Justin Boon
What happens after Humanity achieves digital immortality? What's next?
Image from The Origin of Love

The Origin of Love

United Kingdom | Jun 2012 | 12:26
Directors: HoiSun Kim, Chohyun Lim
A man and a woman were glued back to back and they are always together. However, love between the man and the woman rouse Zeus’s jealousy, and Zeus sp...
Image from John and Karen

John and Karen

United Kingdom | 2007 | 3:30
Director: Matthew Walker
Karen the penguin is not pleased to see John the polar bear on her doorstep. Their argument last night has put her in a very bad mood and John is on e...

Meet Meline

France | Dec 2009 | 6:30
Directors: Virginie Goyons, Sebastien Laban
Meline is a little girl who spends most of her time in her grand-parents barn, drawing. One day, a scared furry little creature gets lost in the barn....
Image from Límite bipolar

Límite bipolar

Spain | Jun 2009 | 2:23
Director: José "Bouman" Martínez
Some time ago a murder happened in front of the building, but could not do anything to remedy this, I wake up and the day repeats itself, as if it wer...
Image from The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

United Kingdom | Jul 2010 | 15:08
Director: Sophie Klevenow
In 1970, the SS Great Britain returned to Bristol to be salvaged after the 8000 mile journey of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's famous ship.

Surly Squirrel

Canada | 2005 | 10:45
Director: Peter Lepeniotis
A starving park squirrel and rat come across a discarded pizza slice. The duo's greed disrupts the natural order of the park. Simultaneously, across t...
Image from Evy in the New Word

Evy in the New Word

United States | May 2012 | 2:57
Director: Killivalavan Solai
A 6 year old girl child, Evy, has just started learning English alphabets.

Harry and Bo

Germany | Feb 2008 | 35:00
Director: Slavko Spionjak
Harry ist ein Alkoholiker, Versager und nicht ganz so intelligenter Mann. Aber genau so wie er ist und was ihn ausmacht hat ihn dazu gebracht das zu t...

They Do Reflect

Canada | Sep 2015 | 2:15
Director: Danish Ghaffar
An amateur assassin meets his ultimate demise on his first contract.
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