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Image from Cane Toad

Cane Toad

Australia | Oct 2002 | 4:00
Directors: David Clayton, Andrew Silke
A yobbo cane toad learns the dangers of being one of the less adored icons of the Aussie landscape.
Image from Drawing of Mom

Drawing of Mom

United States | May 2012 | 3:00
Director: Anila Jaho
A six-year-old boy naively trusts to the power of its own creation. With a snap of his finger, the boy can alter the world around him. Still the longi...
Image from Lola


Philippines | Nov 2009 | 6:30
Director: Joey Agbayani
Lola is an 'aswang', a combination of vampire, witch, and shape-shifter. She is hired as an actress by a very ambitious and demanding director who exp...
6 awards
Image from The Praying Machine

The Praying Machine

United Kingdom | Jun 2008 | 5:45
Directors: Andrew Cope, Sam Lanyon-Jones
Set against the backdrop of a nameless Eurasian city The Praying Machine explores the relationship between three seemingly unrelated characters.


Brazil | Sep 2011 | 15:00
Director: Carlos Eduardo Nogueira
A duel for the princess' hand brings to light obscure relationships and revenge beyond grave.


France | Jun 2004 | 12:00
Director: Hendrick Dusollier
In one single shot, Obras is a poetic and graphic journey through time and space, exploring Barcelona's wild irreversible destruction and reconstructi...
Image from A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

Ireland | Mar 2008 | 6:02
Director: Paul O Donoghue
An improvised electronic soundtrack drives proprietary software, which analyses the audio’s frequency content and generates a cogent synchronous image...

Chasing the Moon

United States | Feb 2009 | 6:44
Director: Yumi Kim
In the city, there have been several murders of politicians and the mayor got injured from an attempted murder by a mysterious creature. Due to the ca...

Le Building

France | 2005 | 1:27
Directors: Remi Zaarour, Oliver Staphylas, Xavier Ramonede, Pierre Perifel, Marco Nguyen
In a building, a grandmother bangs on the wall in order to stop her neighbour from singing so loud in the shower.

Human Nature

United States | Sep 2010 | 3:10
Director: Nassos Vakalis
During train trip, two strangers share the same compartment. How long would it take to get on each other’s nerves?
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