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Raccoon and Crawfish

United States | Mar 2007 | 7:30
Directors: Mark Edwards, Peter Hale, Heather Carpini, Shaun Foster, Karabo Legwaila, Cal Waller
''Raccoon & Crawfish'' uses modern technology to tell an ancient Oneida Indian legend that has been passed down through countless generations of story...

Fridge Express

Taiwan | Aug 2014 | 5:00
Directors: Jack Chang, Chris Su
A space-delivery man crashed on to a planet in the middle of nowhere, all he got was a pile of wreck. What can he possibly do to get out of there?
Image from Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Yuri Lennon's Landing on Alpha 46

Germany | May 2010 | 14:30
Director: Anthony Vouardoux
After his landing on Jupiter moon Alpha46, the cosmonaut Yuri Lennon is confronted with an extraordinary paradox.
Image from Hu's Game

Hu's Game

United States | Jul 2012 | 7:30
Director: Shaun Kim
A boy, Hu, discovers one of the most creative games in mankind's history to make friends.
Image from Loetzinn


United Kingdom | 2004 | 6:00
Director: Aaron Bradbury
A bleak wind howls across the night, it is cold and hostile. In the distance a silhouetted city skyline rises out of the water into the dark sky, hold...
Image from Ara's Tale

Ara's Tale

Austria | Jul 2012 | 8:22
Director: Martin Lubich
A young girl has to face her destiny in a dark world. The path leads her to her ultimate destination.
Image from Devils, Angels and Dating

Devils, Angels and Dating

United States | Jan 2012 | 8:13
Director: Michael Cawood
Devil wants Cupid's job, but a battle for Death's affections has catastrophic results below the Heavens.
2 awards
Image from Fallen Art

Fallen Art

Poland | Sep 2004 | 5:50
Director: Tomek Baginski
In an old forgotten military base far from civilization, a group of deranged military officers nurture their insanity.
Image from The Machine Stops

The Machine Stops

United States | Apr 2009 | 10:00
Directors: Nathan Freise, Adam Freise
Kuno and Vashti have conflicting ideas about the world they live in as their underground society comes to a sudden collapse.


United States | Jun 2016 | 8:31
Director: Justin Boon
What happens after Humanity achieves digital immortality? What's next?
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