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United States | Apr 2009 | 6:38
Director: Alex Wager
A small Lightbulb, in a world of water faucets, searches for his mother only to find she has been with him all along.


Poland | Jan 2008 | 5:00
Director: Michal Socha
Infatuation and its consequences are depicted in a ironic way: meeting a guy, dancing, having fun, a sexual act.

El Último Hombre... Muerto

Spain | 2010 | 9:00
Directors: Luis Vázquez, Juan Miguel Pérez
The scientist Robert Neville, is the one survivor of the human race after the zombie epidemic, because of his vaccine discover. But now he is complete...
Image from Cul de Bouteille

Cul de Bouteille

France | May 2010 | 9:00
Director: Jean-Claude Rozec
The news is bad : his extreme shortsightedness means that Arnaud must wear glasses. But not just any glasses : large clumsy frames that make his ears ...
Image from Lofty Thirst

Lofty Thirst

United Kingdom | Sep 2012 | 3:01
Director: Febrianto Pudi Utama
In a dry world, water is key for survival. The water source is guarded so dearly by one species of desert-dwellers, who prevents others to benefit fro...
Image from Paperbox


Poland | Dec 2011 | 9:00
Director: Zbigniew Czapla
In May 2010, after record rainfall, flash flood broke embankments of the Vistula near Wilkow. Catastrophic flooding deprived thousands of people of al...
Image from Virtuos Virtuell

Virtuos Virtuell

Germany | Apr 2013 | 7:22
Directors: Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann
In synchronism to the music, abstract ink drawings ‘grow’ in the interplay of curiosity, timid encounters, dynamic pursuits and confrontation.
23 awards
Image from So Long Island

So Long Island

Laos | Jan 2011 | 7:17
Directors: Thi-Von Muong-Hane, Chongkham Phonekeo, Vilakone Phachanthavong
Tuvalu is a small lagoon in the pacific ocean. But because of the climate change, everybody is leaving this heaven... everybody, except one man who is...

Оттенки Серого

Russia | Jan 2014 | 6:18
Director: Alexandra Averyanova
A boy and a girl meet at the Tsarskoselsky railway station, but get separated a few moments later.
Image from Slepe Ruke

Slepe Ruke

Serbia | Jan 2010 | 4:09
Director: Aleksandra Acic
Digital hands caress the motionless human bodies.
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