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Image from Energie!


Germany | Mar 2007 | 5:06
Director: Thorsten Fleisch
The tv/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For 'energie!' an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of ap...
Image from Buiten


Australia | Sep 2008 | 8:55
Director: William Head
An Australian narrator experiences the beauty and alienation of living as a foreigner in Amsterdam.
Image from Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunnies

Canada | Jul 2011 | 12:00
Director: Katarzyna Kochany
Love conquers all... but will it conquer dust bunnies?
3 awards
Image from La mañana maldita

La mañana maldita

Spain | Jun 2008 | 2:22
Directors: David Muñoz, José "Bouman" Martínez
Today is the day. A kid wake up with a surprise.


Australia | Nov 2007 | 24:10
Director: Dennis Tupicoff
Frank and Ava Gardner live out in the country, amongst the kookaburras and the cattle. Their jobs are menial, but they are true romantics at heart. Mo...
Image from Bek


Netherlands | Sep 2004 | 12:30
Director: Lucette Braune
A little girl is born with wings instead of arms and with a beak where a mouth should be.
Image from Plasticity


United States | Apr 2010 | 5:00
Director: Ryan Suits
A girl is forced to choose between her life of solitary freedom and conforming to live among other people, in a unique world of light and form.

Ground Running

United Kingdom | Sep 2009 | 2:00
Director: Ben Mitchell
An infant is propelled into the world and given a glimpse at the frenetic life to come.


Belgium | Sep 2011 | 5:15
Director: Britt Raes
Every woman has her own cooking habits. Bernadette has some very strange kitchen utilities.
Image from Media and Diversity

Media and Diversity

Bulgaria | Mar 2008 | 2:30
Directors: Vessela Dantcheva, Ivan Bogdanov
Brief and vivid messages on inclusion problems related to race, physical disability, social and economic diversity etc.
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