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Image from Cupids


United Kingdom | Jan 2017 | 13:00
Director: Angelo Calarco
Two cupids must team up to face one of the greatest challenges of modern times: getting two strangers to talk to each other!
Image from Tahterevalli


Turkey | Sep 2017 | 2:40
Director: Serkan Özyumşak
Problems of refugee children leaving their country. Focus the big picture.


Georgia | Jul 2017 | 22:47
Director: Elena Tsagareishvili
In an old Tbilisi home a child violin virtuoso uses a metronome app to practice the same piece of music all evening to the intense irritation of her e...


United States | Sep 2017 | 5:35
Director: Dan Portnoy
Two women traveling to work, talk about their kids and the tyranny of the urgent but what is it that they do?

A Nightmare

France | Sep 2017 | 3:24
Director: Benjamin Lemaire
Gauthier falls asleep. And the dream starts.
Image from Wake Up, Kerouac

Wake Up, Kerouac

United Kingdom | Feb 2017 | 15:20
Director: Richard A. Oppenheimer
Jack and Lynda travel cross-country in search of the ultimate truth.

Le Dessin des Talibés

France | Jul 2017 | 19:00
Director: Pierre-Antoine Carpentier
Three young Talibés learn the Koran in a senegalese school called Daara. A meeting is going to change their everyday life. The meeting of Mouhammed, a...

Change Ton Coeur, Pas ma Couleur

France | Jul 2017 | 19:00
Director: Pierre-Antoine Carpentier
Djibril is a thirty-year-old Senegalese with a stable situation, with values and friends. And like other Senegaleses, he has preconceptions about albi...

Nebeday, L'arbre de Vie

France | Jul 2017 | 19:00
Director: Pierre-Antoine Carpentier
The well is dry, nothing grows anymore. Young Bara intends to produce charcoal to support his family. The forest is protected but others do it. So why...


Russia | Feb 2017 | 7:38
Director: Andrew Ogorodnikov
A person got into the wrong place at wrong time by the will of forces that are beyond the human control, and stacked on the border between two worlds:...
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