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Hsin-Wei Chen

Born in 1984. A Hakka from HsinChu, Taiwan. Presently studying in Graduate Institute for Radio, TV, and Film, Shih Hsin University for the MFA degree. In the year graduated from college, worked as director of children magazine DVDs, express. And in the beginning of year 2007, joined the production team of Taiwan Portraits of Discovery Channel Asia, as production coordinator, the stills photographer, and the offline editor. Right now having a featured film screenplay, an installation project, and a few production projects working in progress.

Short film credits

Director, Screenwriter, Editor
Image from Pan Zhog

Pan Zhog

Taiwan | Aug 2015 | 32:49
After losing her best friend, Mori-so decides to cater a farewell supper for Gim and her families, like a banquet they used to work together.
5 awards
Director, Editor, Sound Designer

Home, Sweet Home

Taiwan | Jun 2009 | 3:32
About existence and absence. Collecting the most clutter part to make identification. Accumulated massive details in stop motions. An old apartment in...

Wo Chi Shi Yi Chi Pao

Taiwan | Jul 2008 | 10:32
The Dynamic depletion of body or the spirit wondering around? The differences between movement and still. The measurable distance opposite to the dist...

Meta Vision

Taiwan | Jun 2008 | 4:15
Combined with the footage of 3 different films. This short is about the way we perceive the world. Within 3 different sources focused on on specific t...


Taiwan | Jan 2008 | 4:10
I dreamed a lot about my drowning in the water. Over and over again. Awaken before I lose my conscious. Dreams are invisible, private, and unconfirmab...


Taiwan | Dec 2007 | 4:02
I wrote to you with this typewriter. None of the traces could be erased. Not the printed words, not the stills on 35mm films I took, not the meanings,...
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