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Felix Colon

CEO, and Founder of The Finger Cell Music Studios Entertainment Group, was born in New York City's Spanish Harlem, as Felix N. Colon, a.k.a. Phat Fingerz. The music he writes and produces is directly influenced by the R&B, Hip Hop & Salsa forms that predominate his culture and musical landscape; but interweaving or subtly beneath the surface, in a melody line, a chord progression or a riff, you can hear the echo of Pop, Jazz and even a Classical theme.

His professional performance and appearance as writer, producer, and artist began in a 1989 Dance Tour under his then stage name, Boyz In The Lab, to promote the movie; "An Eastside Story", which featured one of his songs, "Fragile Heart", and which he also performed in the film. In 1990, Fingerz wrote & produced his second single, "Nightmares of Tomorrow", which hit the number one Freestyle Classic of the Month chart in Pennsylvania, and became a club hit in New York, and Miami.

Since his 15 year span in the industry, Fingerz has released such project CD's that include: "Sextassy Reggae Gold", and "Reggaeton Platinum", for his Finger Cell Music Group company. His latest CD, "Phat Fingerz & Co.: A Compilation of One", is the first Complete Music Collection written, and produced by Felix Fingerz, and is available now on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon and other retailers.

He has continued his writing in both the digital audio sound production, as well as for the silver screen. Though he has many feature length screenplays, he has currently been working on writing and directing CGI animated short films, which are featured here, for his newly developed CGInfinite Film Works company, and Paradox Logic Films, which are both subsidiaries of his Finger Cell Music Studios Entertainment Group.

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