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Alexandre Braga

Alexandre studied cinema in Brazil, in his home town of São Paulo. He later settled in Lisbon – Portugal, years after his first short film “Mickey”, and dedicated himself to advertising projects. Now with this own production company, he has decided to return to the world of fiction and drama.

Short film credits

Image from Devolvendo Isabel

Devolvendo Isabel

Portugal | May 2012 | 12:05
Isabel, in the centre of a circular lake, at the small volcano, by way of a strange ritual, returns herself to herself.
Image from Fiapo


Portugal | Feb 2010 | 5:20
A lonely man, the words of a lonely man...
What to say? How to tell and for who, when the silence around him seems to carry more sense?
What is more...

(Ce n'est pas une) Chanson d'Amour

Portugal | Apr 2008 | 14:50
He is very much in love with her, perhaps unconditionally.
She feels that her love for him is weak, fragile.
She feels unable to cope with her inabi...
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