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Muhammad Danish Khan

I am studying Mass Communication. I will complete my Master after giving a block buster super hit short film to the world. Because Unless I show others that I have skills and style of making a movie, studying about that is not going to work for me. I have a bit attitude people resist but I also know that I will one day show everyone that I am the best what I do. I write, I watch lots of movies and I have a goal to follow the steps of famous directors like Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Danny Boyle, George Clooney and last but not least Michael Bay. There are so many, I can't even remember their names.

So, basically I have decided and I am pretty sure that I am making movies. I like making humor, comedy, teen stuff, kids movies and specially animated which I don't have a bit of a clue how do they make except taking much time in post production.

I am having experience working in channels and production houses as a assistant director, planning manager and communication assistant. I have started my career in 2009 and from that time I am struggling day and night. It takes a lot of time to show what you are in Pakistan.

I have a lovely and caring family, my mom dad brothers and sisters who always appreciate me, they should because i am the elder in my siblings. I also support what they want to be and what their goals are to become. We avoid communication gaps and try to familiar with all the responsibilities and problems of each others.

Furthermore, I am single, I love what I do so my girl friend all the time is the Camera. With whom I spend lots of time.

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