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Dan Marcus

Dan J. Marcus was born in Chicago, Illinois to Chris Best and Maureen Marcus on May 12, 1989. While being raised in Chicago, Dan moved with his mother at an early age to Sarasota, Florida where he would grow up for most of his childhood, alternating between his home Sarasota and his hometown Chicago. The small town atmosphere allowed Dan to adapt from a tight-knit way of living to the more expansive nature of being in a metropolis.

While growing up in Sarasota, Dan was introduced to movies via his step dad while he was young, being taken to movies every weekend and being captivated by the limitless wonders of the imagination unleashed on the giant movie screen. In school, Dan was encouraged by his teachers and his mother to read, and quickly became an avid reader, and that quickly translated to a desire to create his own stories and universes. Dan grew up in a very supportive environment where his family and his teachers were very encouraging of his burgeoning writing talent; when he was in 5th grade, his teacher Mrs. Stollar, would allow him to read his short stories in front of the entire class.

At 14, Dan wrote his very first feature-length screenplay, and since then, has dabbled in writing teleplays, short film scripts, and various feature-length screenplays. At 18, Dan directed his first short film entitled “Wake”, which he also wrote and co-produced. It was his first experience behind a camera and his first experience ever working on a film. Later that year, he would go on to direct his second short film, entitled “Fallen”, which is currently in post-production. Even with these films under his belt, Dan is still eager to learn about his craft and work with extremely talented and dedicated professionals in his industry. He is constantly learning and views this process as an exciting, ever-changing field where you mix talent, resourcefulness and ingenuity into one cohesive whole.

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