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Fausto Noro

Fausto Noro, studied Advertising in Santa Maria Federal University, where he was born. Moved to São Paulo City in 2001 and there became an expert in Theater and Film Direction at the International Cinema Academy of São Paulo – AIC.
Wrote and directed his first short movie in 2004: The Further Sea That I See, selected for Cine-Video category in Gramado City Festival. In 2005, wrote and directed his second short movie, Some Kind of Pink Dust. In 2006, directed the short movie Legend, once more selected for Cine-Video category in Gramado City Festival. Still in 2006, wrote the short movie My Mirror.
Still in the cinema, did the editing of: Not Guilty (short movie) and A Day in The Past (feature movie). Founded and acts at Cinema Experimental Center, since 2005, designed to stimulate new filmmakers.

Short film credits

Director, Screenwriter, Editor
Image from Ao Meu Pai com Carinho

Ao Meu Pai com Carinho

Brazil | May 2010 | 15:00
Marcio, a young upper-middle-class boy, suffers an express kidnap. The hijackers make a call to a wrong phone number and end up negotiating with Bruno...
Art Assistant
Image from Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Essa Não é a História de Gregor Samsa

Brazil | Mar 2010 | 10:00
What happens when a man tired of the routine decides to escape the chaos of the big city? An ordinary man, in an attempt to isolate, faces his greates...
Image from Inocente


Brazil | Jul 2009 | 18:00
The guilt is the incapacity to deal with an error. A broken desire, the direct contact with human reality, against its perfectionist will. We build an...
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