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Rudi Vasconcelos

Rudi Vasconcelos has lived between Belgium and Australia, moving back and forth his entire life. He comes from a well balanced artistic and technical background. His mother being a drawer, writer and painter. She also comes from a long line of great (recognized) writers (literature) and painters. His father is a musician and had worked as cameraman for a TV studio in Macau for several years. His side of the family have been using cameras for several generations.

Rudi Vasconcelos has experimented with no-budget short films, advertisements, and other experimental video since 2003. These works where all shot on a very cheap handy cam, and edited with free software. Rudi used friends as actors.

Although just an amateur, two of his short films 'In Investigation' and 'Rage' were chosen to represent the Audiovisual side of "new undiscovered talent" at an Arts exhibition in the city of Gent, Belgium. Rudi created a TVC for Teken 5 that ranked 2nd place in a competition to promote the new game. He also created a TVC against smoking at school, which was put up on screens at several Arts campuses in Flanders, Belgium.

Rudi wanted to learn how to become a professional and has just completed his first year of film and television at RMIT in 2009. 'Push Pull' is his 1st year student film. 'Push Pull' got nominated in every nomination category at RMIT student film awards and was chosen to be screened at the awards night. Natalie Walker, from the Australian feature film 'Prey', won best actress in Rudi's film 'Push Pull'.

Rudi Vasconcelos is currently doing his second year at RMIT. He has already been asked to work on several professional projects that are currently in there beginning stages. He is juggling numerous external projects, whilst working on his own new short film which will be completed later this year.

Short film credits

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor, Visual Effects Artist
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Push Pull

Australia | Dec 2009 | 13:23
Ben and Bec are madly in love, but they seem to always get into outrageous fights. Exchange of words turns into aggressive tones, turns into yelling a...
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