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Marcus Flemmings

Marcus Flemmings is a published author and screenwriter. His first novel Sexy Utopia was greeted to critical acclaim. Released in 2005 worldwide, Sexy Utopia, with its cutting storyline and mix of dark humour and romance was the true mark of Flemmings into the literary world. Since then, London born Flemmings, has written various screenplays and now embarks upon his second novel, The Love Manual/Block, a love story told in poetry and also exploring an author in the midst of writers block. Having helped cast for Slumdog Millionaire and directed various shorts he remain engimatic and difficult to pin down into one section of the media. His most recent works include full writing and producing credits for three upcoming Niraj Chag musical shorts and a stageplay. Since a young age his talent was evident, writing screenplays from 17 years old.

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