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Santiago Usoz

Santiago Usoz (born Pamplona Spain, 1969) Graduated from Art School in Pamplona Spain later becoming Cronoboreal Design Studio's head production designer. Mr. Usoz, an accomplished fiction-based screenwriter, is also a certified technician and 3D Studio Max software instructor working, until 2009, as a photography draftsman for several architectural studios.

Investor in the documentaries 'The Death of Superman Lives, What happened?' (2014) created by Jon Schnepp with Tim Burton Nicolas Cage and Kevin Smith. Santiago also financially participated in the film 'El Cosmonauta' (2013) an experimental Spanish film and marketing project, as well as in the documentary 'Life in a Day' (2010) produced by Ridley Scott, later being elected to participate in a Wikipeli's Mahou beer commercial directed by Jaume Balagueró, José Corbacho and Juan Cruz.

In 2009, Santiago employed a varied number of digital formats in order to produce and direct several short films titled 'The Pencil Man', 'Special Connection' and 'LBRNT' (2014).

Since 1990 Santiago has directed various 16mm short films, VHS and Betacam productions and was assistant director for two American full-length, made for television film productions: 'Basque Legacy' and 'Gypsy Girl'. (Odena Films USA). Santiago presently directs on off-line and on-line advertising campaigns and diversely styled animated television commercials.

Short film credits

Director, Producer


Spain | Sep 2014 | 6:45
Three youngsters traverse dark underground galleries. They have to find a way out.
Director, Producer
Image from Conexión Especial

Conexión Especial

Spain | Oct 2009 | 7:00
Ivan is a rich man. Ivan does not like people. Ivan is alone and needs a new girlfriend.
Director, Producer
Image from The Pencil Man

The Pencil Man

Spain | Jan 2009 | 1:30
Two female students have disappeared at Miskatonic University. Police is confused. But Mike knows something. Pencils are the clue. But no one believes...
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