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Axel C. Kalonji

Born in 1987 in Kolwezi, a small mining town of the Katanga (DRCongo).
Axel C Kalonji Moved to Mbujimayi(where he is from) with his Family in 1996.
He achieved there his high school studies in Math Physics sciences, after he
struggled with Electronics studies. It's only in 2004 that he discovered his passion
for the entertaining industry. He started as a rapper and only in 2006 after taking
in a music video that he fall for the video industry.
The lack of equipment stopped from starting at home. When he moved in South africa in 2007, he finaly
started getting things togheter to start up with SFMvids, which was his dream since 2004.
And only in 2009, he releases two Maxi single(Mon Maxi & B.E.A.T) that he recorded himself and also produces two music videos
that he Directed and edited Himself(Plus jamais la guerre by Kal'ar & B.E.A.T by Himself).
He is now a student of visual arts at the Unisa and has Already launched SFMvids.

Short film credits



South Africa | Apr 2011 | 13:03
A scorned woman named Clarissa finds out her husband bore a child out of wed-lock with another woman, she then sets out to avenge her pain.
Assistant Director, Producer, Director of Photography
Image from Manuel


South Africa | Nov 2010 | 14:10
Manuel is trying to figure out what hunts his life. His Pshyc can't help him that much, she only tries to persued him that it is his imagination that ...
Director, Executive Producer

From an End to a Beginning

South Africa | Jul 2010 | 11:00
After years of struggles, KC Axel decides to end his music career. Still he starts another career, video editing. His close friends tells us more abou...
Director, Writer (Original story), Camera Operator
Image from FlashBack


South Africa | Feb 2010 | 3:27
Our memories are the first enemies. Don't you let them Drag you Down.
Director, Actor


South Africa | Feb 2010 | 4:07
Alvin compares our relationship with the world around us to our fingers.

Plus Jamais la Guerre

South Africa | Nov 2009 | 3:40
This is a son dedicated to all the african countries, scattered by war. Kal'ar addresses his message to all the refugees and tell them to hope that on...
Director, Producer, Voice
Image from uShaka


South Africa | Oct 2009 | 5:00
This is a day in the uShaka village walk. Patrick is trying to believe what he is seing and has to get used to that.
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