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Amilcar Machado

Amilcar Machado was born on March 27, 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating high-school he was already pretty convinced that math related studies were not his forte and started studying International Relations. Passionate about filmmaking and a huge movie watching fan since a young age, the Blockbuster’s aisles soon were too small, and Pilar, his hometown since the age of 9, was as well.
Turning a 4 month long trip to Lake Tahoe into a year long traveling adventure in the US west coast, what he thought was a vacation turned into a complete break from his International Relations career and only after 2 years into it, he returned to Argentina and started filmmaking in Eliseo Subiela´s Film Academy where he graduated in 2003. Since then he has written and directed 4 short films and also worked also for 7+ years on TV and Publicity.
He has worked in many Argentinian films, including last Francis Ford Coppola´s feature, Tetro.
He is currently working on the final stage of the script of his first full length film.

Short film credits

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Argentina | Aug 2008 | 13:11
In the small town of Quiroga live Fátima, Jaime and his dog. The drama unfolds when a noise emerges the house, upsetting the old man.
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