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Although new behind the director's chair, Brazilian-born-and-raised writer-director Micki Mihich is not new to filmmaking. For the last 15 years, he's done all kinds of different jobs while working in the industry - Marketing, Contracts, Advertising, Promotions, Licensing. He's licensed for Universal Studios, represented Lucasfilm, did promotions for Fox; he was behind the release of about 400 films in his country, from all kinds of studios - New Line Cinema, Dimension Films, Miramax, Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Le Studio Canal +, etc.

Graduated in Business Administration, Mihich attended some film classes at the NYU Continuing Studies program, where some Professors confirmed what he'd always felt: "Your projects are way bigger than class projects! Do them on your own!". So he amassed some money and decided to make "The 100th Job" with his wife Simone (co-producer).

"I guess I got tired of releasing other people's films and decided to make my own", he reveals. Parallel to that, he's been a published writer for 20 years. "I consider myself a storyteller. Although the bulk of my stuff is journalistic, I've always written stories. Lots of them", he explains, "And I intend to make them into movies somehow. And 'The 100th Job' is my first step down this path".

In "The 100th Job", Micki Mihich is not only the director, writer, editor and co-producer but he also plays the role of "The Killer". Used to writing, directing and acting in plays at school, in the mid-90s' he joined a theater group in his native city of São Paulo, Brazil, not because he wanted to be an actor but mostly because he wanted to understand actors and acting before directing them. As a published writer for 20 years, Micki decided to take his stories to the screen and "The 100th Job" is the first one of them. Since to him writing, directing and editing are three legs of the same table, i.e., telling a story, his only "extra curricular activity" in the film was the one of acting.

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Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Actor
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The 100th Job

Brazil | Dec 2008 | 20:33
A killer prepares to execute the job that will promote him in the crime organization. In doing so, he takes us deep into the dark business of contract...
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